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BY Silvia Fassardi.

Hello everyone, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Silvia Fassardi and founder of SEPTIMO jewelry. I am a jewelry designer and silversmith also graduate of GIA [gemological institute of America] I am excited to share with my readers the latest news in the fashion and jewelry industry. 
Let’s rock 2014 with the newest and most refreshing ideas in jewelry.  Here at SEPTIMO jewelry it is our priority to create timeless beauty and high quality design, like our most recent design the Alien earrings and the Dague unisex ruthenium long chain. 

Alien earrings by Septimo
Alien earrings by Septimo.
Dague unisex ruthenium long chain by Septimo
Dague unisex ruthenium long chain by Septimo.
This edgy and super sexy look, can complement any outfit adding a geometrical look with clean lines for that galaxy girl look. Beside these two super-hot styles, we also will be presenting more of the new 2014 “Septimo By Silvia Fassardi” collection and It will be announced here first with our editor . 

My best wishes to all readers love, peace, and unity. 
Thank You Silvia Fassardi.

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