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“Repulsive:” A new local film by award winning director, Agatino Zurria & starring by actress Diana Laura

“Repulsive,” a new local film in Miami by award winning director Agatino Zurria and starring by our dear actress Diana Laura, will begin filming in Miami in December, 2012 and it will be submitted to several Film Festivals including the prestigious Cannes Film Festival in France.

The basic idea of REPULSIVE is that there’s no thing as a legitimate rape, and it sends a message about how people are able to choose whether to be victims or to stand out strong and fight for their own integrity against the odds.

Lissette Rondon, Founder of Miami Fashion Spotlihght got an exclusive interview with this talented director where he talked about the film, actress Diana Laura as lead role, his own career and more. Check it out

LR- Could you tell us why you decided to write a film about such a delicate and taboo subject like rape?

“Few things are as repulsive for men and women alike as a rape. It means your will is being violated. And it is not just a physical issue, where someone forces himself onto someone else, but it most importantly influences our strength and self-respect. It is of common knowledge that for a situation like this to happen, there must be a perpetrator and a victim. The first one has a plan and uses the surprise factor to enhance his physical strength to achieve his results. The victim, on the other hand, usually reacts submissive to this unforeseen event and always pays the consequences personally or socially. In this respect, laws are still very weak in determining preventative measures of a rape and consequently don’t have an effective corrective measure, basically because there is no way to prevent it,” added Zurria.

“Repulsive is a film about what it is that a person feels and the reaction when faced with this event, and how the human body finds the way to shut the whole thing off! Living in Miami, and knowing there’s a large population without legal documents, I find it intriguing to think something like this could happen to someone who doesn’t legally exist and is trying very hard to build a life out of known waters.”

LR- Tell us about Actress Diana Laura and why you decided to cast her for the Lead Role?

“For long, actress Diana Laura and I have discussed the possibility of working together in a project. I took a story I had in the back of my mind and wrote it having Diana Laura always as the lead. Because of Diana Laura’s physical strength and exuberance, I named this character Alexandria. At the same time, I wrote the character of Jodi Mae based on a dear friend of mine, but always thinking of Donnie Kent for it. I can’t imagine what I would have done if both of them had turned the parts down. When I have an actor in mind, I feel like it is wrong that another actor takes over,” said Zurria.

LR- Can you please share with us a little more about your career and previous films?
“This will be my 5th short film. My second film (INTERVIEW ME) won three awards at the Miami Life Awards 2011 (Best Short Film, Best Director and best Actress), my third film (LA MESA ESTA SERVIDA) won Best In Show and Best Actress at the “I’m Not Gonna Move To L.A.” series promoted by the Indie Film Club Miami, as well as achievement awards for Best Director and Producer at the WITAM 2012, and is now the official selection at the Miami Short Film Festival 2012 (Nominated for Best Local Short Film and Best Film in the Festival),” added Zurria. “Right now I am in the midst of the pre-production of my first feature, but the prospect of working with the talents of Diana Laura, Donnie Kent, Sean Patrick Kennedy Hill, among others is very attractive, and to tell you the truth, I love short films. They go right to the point, they find creative ways to tell a story and you’re not stuck with long expositions and secondary stories that don’t really have anything to do with the main idea. If you see the immense variety of film festivals and now the access to internet platforms that promote short films, you can clearly see that there is a second coming for short films in the entertainment business, especially now that technology makes it easier for new filmmakers to put their ideas in the can.”