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Following Athina K: July- many emotions, inspiration, and progress!

By Athina Klioumi.

July: Many emotions, inspiration, and progress. July 17 is a super important date. Things are activated! July (cancer) is the most emotional of all signs. Cancer is the origin, our roots, family and the intense emotions. What intense emotions we have this month! We tend to be very sensitive during this time. One example of this is with emotions revolving the World Cup. We connect with our emotions, our pain, and our wounds easily, but they can get out of balance. Watch out for impatience and sensitivity. We need to be focused and detached. Everything will happen in due time.

Things can get easier, without too much effort due to much inspiration in the air. Not only because the retro Mercury straightened on July 1st and its shadow continues until July 16, but also if you put your intentions in the world, you will see them manifest. July 17 is an important date. Decisions and changes you consulted with your inner voice and you placed out there, take fruit and they will appear. Don’t distrust, have faith, meditate, and focus on what you want to achieve or change. Put your intentions out there in the universe and the universe will conspire with you.

You can train yourself with humor and detachment. Watch yourself every time you fall into negativity or fanatical ideas. You decide—you can complicate yourself or be happy for things, like soccer or the result of the situation of a country.

Be more spiritual. Clear thoughts like, “if I had done that before!” Do not take anything personal. People are very busy in their own world and can project their problems on to you. Let that mental rigidity go and focus on what you really want. What are your talents? How much can you give and receive? How much good energy, love, and wisdom can you project? Follow your heart. In every situation there is a potential to progress and obtain power. Change the thought that is not good for another thought that is positive.

Redefine what you want to achieve. Perhaps you are not clear enough and the universe does not understand what you want. Trust that things come in due time and in sync. Think about what you’re worth. You are unique. There is a huge power of progress and change in the world, but we must work on ourselves. Up your vital energy or Chi. If your heart is full of motivation or enthusiasm, like when you see your team winning in the World cup, you will find opportunity to progress wherever you go!

The key word is reset; Redefine your health, relationships, and your work!

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Love you!
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