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Following Athina K: Love is in the air!

Following Athina K: Love is in the air!
Image: Courtesy of Athina Klioumi Marturet.

By Athina Klioumi Marturet.

As plants, flowers, and fruits grow with nothing intervening, so must a loving relationship. You cannot get between your head and will. Love appears and feels with the heart, but needs to be nurtured, developed, and fertilized. Give it space to grow and you have to take the bad stubs as well. I find it beautiful not only to decorate our meals with flowers especially in these days of love, but also to gather edible flowers.

EAT FLOWERS: What beauty they are to behold and are also rich in vitamin C and magnesium, taste delicious, and give a mild spicy flavor to the foods.

But beware, they must be edible, non-toxic and, of course, not from flower shops. The latter have chemicals and are not suitable for eating. The groceries are available in Whole Foods Market (in the fridge next to the herbs) or gourmet food shops.

In Greece, we use the orange flowers for desserts and the pumpkin flower filled with octopus on the island of Lesbos, it is a delight. With lemon and orange flowers people do wonders on the island of Chios.

The leaves of roses can be put on a bagel with fresh cream cheese, or ice cream or yogurt. The mimosas on the dessert are delightful!

Here at Whole Foods Market you can get edible flowers such as violets (violet), roses, pumpkin, daisies, and chrysanthemums! How beautiful and very romantic, but crisis in love as in life, challenge us to let go of the old and let in new things.

Our love story can be about healing and transformation, or about death in which we distance ourselves from life. In the movies we see the love story of revenge, heroes, the happy endings, the victims and others, and how many times we say, oh what ignorant characters! They do not realize that this way they are not going anywhere!

 What are those examples that I repeat, what do I feel attached to, what do I think or what do I need to hold on to? Many times we are not aware of that these models make part of our own history and if we see like that, selflessly maybe we would like to reverse or erase one thing or another. We all have good stories and bad, but the most important thing is to realize them so they can heal and transform into a healthy and happy relationship! If we see that we always have the same story and we are not happy, get some good workshops on how to heal, it would be wonderful –they are highly curative and I’ve seen friends who after working in these groups leave happy, focused, and find true love!

I think there are no rules for love, but here are some tips from friends who have found it:

1 – Love needs fertilizer. You have to take the time to enjoy being together. Search this balance constantly!

2 – Love and forgiveness: Are there injuries? Understanding is needed, forgive and let go!

3 – Love: When I love, I love because I feel love!

4 – I love you and I feel loved and I want to share with you.

5 – We are not just a couple in love we also are a team and we communicate and work together and solve the problems together. There are no separate problems, only shared!

6 – To be important for the other one is essential.

7 – Feel fulfilled together​​…That’s love!

It is very normal to fight occasionally, experts say. On the contrary, I hear people saying that they never argue because they are soul mates. Well, we’re human! As Johan Wolfgang Goethe says: “In a relationship sometimes you have to argue, this way you know things from the other point of view.”

Much love and remember, being loved makes us strong and loving others fills us with courage.

Athina Marturet

Contacts: athina@marturet.net