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Following Athina K: Predicting future over a Greek cup of coffee

Following Athina K:  Reading Greek Coffee, The Future In A Cup of Coffee
Top model, Athina Klioumi and celebrity photographer Iran Issa Khan.
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By Athina Klioumi.
I learned to read coffee with my Greek grandmother Daphni Klioumis Philipas in the mountains of northern Greece. As a child, every summer I used to visit her and watched how she did it.

Family, friends, and neighbors used to stop by to greet my family, wanting to hear our stories and most of the time my grandmother use to send me to make coffee for all these people—this is how I learned all the ancient secrets of reading coffee.

I had fun serving their cups of coffee with cups of water right next to them, along with a sweet homemade jam, always with the approval of my loving grandfather.

This was taken very serious in my grandmother’s house, oh yes! It was a theatrical ritual, even dramatic, often assertive, and also the best way to connect.

My grandma made the ritual social, with a lot of affection and humor. It was a truly Greek show, but it was also a psychological reading of the person. If the person went through problems, my grandmother became a psychologist, giving all the moral support and advice.

Some people really are gifted and can see beyond, but as my grandmother said: “Everyone can read the coffee, if you only focus on it! The energy of each person is transferred to a cup of coffee. It is just a matter of learning the ritual and practice!”

These days, my friends always look for me to read their cup of coffee, because I take it seriously too, I practice the true ritual and I find out the secrets that are transmitted only by mouth to mouth.

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