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Following Athina K: Summary of the Year of the Horse

Following Athina K: Summary of the Year of the Horse
Image; Courtesy of AK.
By Athina Klioumi Marturet

Chinese culture, like the Greece culture, has many known ancient oracles today. All ancient cultures have at least an ancient oracular system based on the stars, the sun, and the moon. Two methods that are very popular are, the I Ching (Book of Changes) and the Chinese horoscope that is based on the lunar calendar. 
Kings, nobles, and high-ranking slaves followed it for strategy and planning. It was a very important part in the history of China, in times of binding the Empire and throughout the millennium. Those who were in power as well as the nobles consulted their charts for all their important issues such as political issues, personality, marriage, projects, health, and luck. It was considered a privilege to know all the details of a birth, karma, marriage prospect, and the whole circle of life.

Chinese astrology changes every year as a different animal. This year corresponds to the wooden horse. Chinese New Year began Feb. 31 and ends on February 18, 2015. We came from the sign of the snake and went into the wooden horse, and next year we will enter into the year of the goat! I’ll let you know!

It seems that we are having a difficult horse gallop this year!

On the other hand this year predicts changes of all kinds: self-invented and refined is in the air, like innovation, progress, and awakening. The horse is freedom. The hero who ensures justice, he hates to submit to injustice. Watching events in Venezuela, Ukraine, and elsewhere we can understand the symbolism even more!

It’s a year of struggle and transformation. Much movement and where people will feel more courageous than ever, but also more angry. The imbalance can be impulsiveness. We know how crazy it can get a horse when he is irritated, nobody can stop him and he runs against whatever he finds.

It is a year of great expansion, new ideas and customs, new spaces and new real energy to achieve them. It is the spirit of rebellion of truth, to be spontaneous again. Speaking of rebellion, is it coincidence that Gandhi undertook the “Salt March” (1930) in order to achieve independence for India from the British Empire in the year of the horse?

Let’s remember Homer’s Odyssey: the Trojan War; when they were strong and defended bravely for more than 10 years of the Greeks, they received in apparent peace, a huge wood horse. They took it as a symbol of peace and brought this giant horse inside the walls of the city, unaware that their enemy soldiers were hiding inside.

At night, they came out, opened the doors and led the Greek army in beating the Trojans! The symbolism is important: A present that looks good, turns out to have serious consequences and a destructive cheating! So, let’s be aware of scams! We have to be very awake!

What brings us the Trojan horse in 2014?

Soldiers, revolution, and war or does the year of the horse bring us success and progress? As experts say, the energies for progress were widely dispersed in the previous years of the dragon and snake. Now they will focus and give us a strong awakening in every way. Lies in the electronic world are almost impossible. Everything is known and we increasingly have more people fighting for the truth. The mysteries have been revealed more and more. It is interesting to see how formerly religious secret issues are becoming public now and accessible to everyone.

The horse is here to encourage and it seems his energy is fairly balanced this time, it means that will help us to gallop pleasantly, a great progress! Can we avoid the tragedy of the Trojan horse and reach a breakthrough in the world? May the gods hear us! Reinvent yourself and take charge of your future in your hands!

The horse and work!

This year is a lot of work. Hard work with flexibility and open-mindedness, if not, you stay behind and wiped off the map. Adaptation to everything new is important. Many opportunities but they appear quick so you must get out of the comfort zone to achieve progress at all.

Taking responsibility is important and all efforts will bear fruit.
Change, change, and change at all levels!
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