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Following Athina K: The Miraculous Curcuma-Tumeric

Following Athina K: The Miraculous CURCUMA (TUMERIC)
By Athina Klioumi.

No spice is as powerful against inflammation as this yellowish powder!
 Laboratory studies confirm that it is not only a great anti-inflammatory, rejuvenating, healing acne, rosacea, but also a powerful inhibitor of cancer cells.

Against all kinds of cancer. Those who take the anti-inflammatory ibuprofen for arthritis, rheumatism should replace it with 500 mg of curcuma, says my great guru and doctor Santiago.


In organic stores such as “Whole Foods” Market you can get CURCUMA Turmeric powder ready to use, it comes in small bottles.

I use it in conjunction with black pepper on dishes like chicken or grilled fish, rice and vegetables and it is very tasty!

When mixed, CURCUMA and pepper pass well through the digestive tract.

Women, CURCUMA is excellent protection against breast cancer!

Love and peace!
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