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Following Athina K: The moon and its influence on our planet Earth

By Athina Klioumi Marturet.

Connect with the moon and its cycles and you will have more clarity and power. This connection will also keep you healthy and beautiful.

To the ancient civilizations, the moon and astrology were important guides. In our time, several presidents consulted astrology. For example, President Reagan and his wife Nancy consulted political and private affairs with astrologers. I also know many artists and teachers who are always guided by the moon.

Serious and intense astrology can help us discover our sleeping, or oppressed, instincts that our awake conscious may not be able to sense. It is fascinating and beneficial to study the moon and its cycles. Through this we can see how the moon inspires, clarifies, and shows us if our life force is not flowing properly. Our life force is the foundation of maximum happiness in our vibrant life.

If we comprehend the moon and its cycles, it gives us an understanding and wonderful power that can lead us to enlightenment.

Gautama the Buddha was born, reached enlightenment, and died on a full moon in Taurus in May. His cycle perfectly symbolizes the cycle of the moon; from new moon, to crescent, to full moon, which gives us clarity. It shows us where we are or what remains to be done in our lives; the moon brings it all to light.

The full moon also brings wealth all around. In nature we know that the moon influences the high and low tides of the seas. Fishermen recognize that during a full moon fishing is at its best, as fish abound in the moonlight. In addition, gardeners cut bamboo in the waning moon, which makes it so that it does not split and can be used for a variety of tools, such as a curtain rod.

Surgeons are familiar with operations conducted during a full moon that may have caused more bleeding than usual. The full moon multiplies everything. For example, if you feel good, you’ll feel better during the full moon and if you’re tired, the full moon may cause you to feel even more tired.

The effect on our health and beauty is wonderful:

1-Cutting your hair during the full moon strengthens it! If your hair is weak, cut it only during a full moon, in the sign Taurus preferably! It strengthens, heals, and causes hair to look more abundant.

2-Quarter moon is also a good time for a haircut. Make sure the moon is in the signs of Taurus, Leo and Libra.

3- If you want your hair to grow faster, cut it during the quarter moon. This is also a good time to pluck.

4- When the moon is in Aquarius it is a great time to color your hair. If your hair is usually affected by the dyes try coloring it during this time, as the color becomes very beautiful and will set well.

How do we know which moon will be present and when? The best way to know is to buy an astrology calendar. There you will see all the moons, each day, with their influences explained. You will see that every 2 or 3 days the moon changes to be in another sign. I recommend the Pocket Astrologer. You can ask for it through 541 482 5343.

Just as the full moon is good for many things, the black moon, or new moon, is more delicate. In the black moon, you can see what is usually hidden in people. If you want to know who a person truly is, get together with them during a black moon.

Want to plan a secret meeting? This is the time to do it, no one will find out. Around the new moon, or the three days of the new moon, it is best not to do too many things; if you want to start something new, wait a day, when the new cycle starts, to do it. Also, I see that many times in politics the opposition gets ahead, so it is better to stay where you are and not get ahead of yourself if you are in this position.

Consult your astrologer in what moon you were born in to further your understanding of its phases.

I recommend the great astrologer Beatriz Santos 0416-6322334. I will record a CD that will be available for you to listen to all year.

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