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Following Athina K: The Power of Pray and Meditation

Image: Edgardo Zerpa Photography.

By Athina Klioumi.

The key to true happiness is inner peace, which is achieved by developing our ability to love others and overcoming our anger, selfishness, and greed.

What do you talk about every day? Do you speak badly about others? Are you a pessimist? An optimist? Are you talking about banalities? Are you talking about how to make spiritual progress? You cannot plant distrust and expect to grow trust. Man plants the fruits of the words that he uses every day. Strong words of criticism not only harm others, but also bounce and affect our health and our life.

Meditation and daily prayers are the best way to focus and fill our environment and ourselves with love. Just a few minutes every day changes our chemistry.

It has been proven that people who pray or meditate are both happier, healthier, and the most creative.

Love and awareness for everyone!
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