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Celebs Next Door: Glenda Betancourt, the woman behind GP Natural Cosmetics

“GP Natural Cosmetics” has been in Miami’s market for a few years becoming a favorite line of makeup artists, models and photographers for its revolutionary cutting edge technology that helps women look beautiful and younger.

In our efforts to find the person behind “GP Natural Cosmetics”, Lissette Rondon got an exclusive interview with Glenda Betancourt, Miami Base entrepreneur who created this professional mineral cosmetic line- the woman whose expertise in the beauty industry has been celebrated in the latest fashion events in the city.

LR-What inspired you to create your cosmetics line “GP Natural Cosmetics”?
“I always wanted my own line -I loved modeling and I worked in television for years,” added Betancourt. “I have been immersed in makeup trends for a long time, that’s why I got the idea to create my own line under my name Glenda Paola “GP” and “Natural” because my line is mineral based.

LR-How did the public receive your line in Miami and your country, Ecuador?
“In Miami, I started with hair salons, asking the managers to allow me to make up their customers for free. When customers tried my line they loved it and bought my kits. I began to gain acceptance and the salons began to buy my line to sell to their customers directly,” added Betancourt. “ In my country Ecuador, I introduced my line to beauty schools and the television industry; there was no line of cosmetics like mine in Ecuador at that time,” added Betancourt. “Quickly, I got distributors in each province, achieving greater national distribution. Now, I also distribute my line in Venezuela, Bolivia and Colombia.”

LR-What is different from GP Natural Cosmetics to other lines that are in the market?
“My line is specialized in skin care; we work with professional mineral-based makeup that does not need retouching. Our bases are made with antioxidants that focus on skin care and the prices are affordable,” added Betancourt.

LR-How long has your line been in Miami?
“We have been in Miami since 2004. Thanks to the advice of Paul Mitchell -well known for his line of shampoos. He was a mentor to me, he sent me to conventions and explained how things have to be done with the houses of makeup,” added Betancourt. “We are currently working with a lot of charity events, leading our team of specialists to fashion shows, working with the latest makeup trends. In addition we donate baskets of cosmetics and give away samples throughout the events.”

LR-How is the life of the businesswoman Glenda Betancourt?
“I have been married for 15 years with two children; a boy (14) and a girl (11). When they are in school, I am dedicated to my business with the support of my mother and my husband, added Betancourt. “Most of my time I update the colors of my line, I attend promotions and events and I always do my own makeup, using my products, looking for ideas to innovate every year.”

LR-Could you give us three tips for this Spring-Summer season?
1 – “Use a moisturizer and sunscreen under the base (the base should look natural).”
2 – “Use a good primer to make your makeup lasts longer.”
3 – “The colors that are” IN” are metallic colors. Shadows such as aqua and purple and for lips the latest colors are red, orange and coral.”

LR-What do you think about fashion in Miami?
“Miami is a city full of beautiful people, but time passes fast, which does not help people pay attention to fashion. I believe women should find their way to be glamorous, because feeling beautiful and fashionable helps to build self-esteem,” said Betancourt.

LR- Could you define your work and yourself with just three words?
“Glamour, fashion, make-up.”

“All women look beautiful if they learn how to wear their makeup in
their favor”
Glenda Betancourt.
Celebrated Makeup Artist in Miami