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Exclusive interview: Grammy Award Winner Singer, Luis Enrique, released new album “Soy y Seré”

Grammy Award Winner Singer, Luis Enrique, released his latest album “Soy y Seré,” on July 19th.

Lissette Rondon, President and Founder of  “Miami Fashion Spotlight”, got an exclusive interview by phone, where the talented Nicaraguan Singer, explained details, experiences and challenges, lived by him during the production of his new masterpiece.
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LR- Tell us a little about your new album “Soy y Seré“?

” Soy y Seré” is an album full of wonderful songs. We tried to do something different from “Ciclos”. It’s a danceable album by the singer’s point of view. I wanted to make a record that people could enjoy and dance in addition to listen,” added Luis Enrique.

LR- Is there a song that reflects some special experience in this new production?

“Yes, The song that I wrote with Jorge Luis Piloto, called “Una Fotografia”. It’s a song for his son and my son Lucas and it’s very special to me, but I see myself in every song, all the songs have something of my philosophy, my life, some love that was gone … something about the way I think and the way I feel things,” added Luis Enrique.


LR- Tell us about your experience to sing with Prince Royce and Alex Cuba?
“Simply wonderful!- I met Alex Cuba through “My Space”, I told him that I wanted to do something with him. We met again at the “Grammy Awards 2010″ and set out to write some songs. We finally got together in Miami and wrote 10 songs, which 5 are in the project,” added Luis Enrique.

“With Prince Royce, I told Sergio George, our Producer and Record Exec in common, a long time ago; “I want to work with that guy, I’m not clear on what I’m going to do with him but, I like what he has.””
“After  we met, it was better!  Prince is a young men, wanting to move forward and I identify with him in so many things. We did a song that I wrote with my Composer and Musician, Jorge Luis Piloto. Prince Royce will be singing salsa and this  will be the first time that people will hear him in this genre,” said Luis Enrique.

LR- Any other special song for you?

  “I will be unfair to the album, although I love the whole album, all the songs were performed with all the love in the world, but there are songs that for some reason or another, every time you  go to the studio and sing, they take their own life. “
” I’m talking about a song called “El Reto” which I wrote with Jorge Villamizar. This song is very special to me, I don’t know why, but singing it, moves me, moves every fiber that is in me.”


LR-How does it feel to be labeled for so long as “The Price of Salsa”?

“Well, I wondered if I will get to reign,” said Luis Enrique, laughing. “I accept what the public gives me and they have enjoyed that title. It is a title that has an awesome force, people say “The Prince of Salsa” before my name Luis Enrique, as if the title comes before my name and people make it theirs. When my fans write to me on internet,  I feel that beyond the title, is the affection of the people, that’s what moves me most.”

LR- How do you feel about being Grammy-winner  for “Best Tropical Latin Album 2010”?

It was an unforgettable moment for the rest of my life. I never imagine that they would nominate my album 4 times after 8 years out of the music business. Returning with “Ciclos” and being Grammy nominated  especially the “Grammy Latino,” because  I had already been nominated 4 times at American  Grammys and had not won, but The Latin Grammys, my industry, my people who knows me  and my song “Yo no sé mañana” playing everywhere, was a spectacular moment that I treasure,” said Luis Enrique.


LR– Could you define yourself and your work with 3 words? 
  “Persevering, perfectionist and passionate.”
LR_The singers influence generations with their style and fashion. Do you consider yourself a fashion icon?

” I stay up to date with fashion, but I do not follow any trend. I try to stay true to myself and  time passes and we evolutionate. The most important it’s what you wear, you know how to carry it,” added Luis Enrique.
“With “Ciclos” a funny thing happened to me with my hair style. My stylist was telling me that many young men came to ask for the same haircut that Luis Enrique has. That happens when you are a public figure and you are constantly seeing on television”.


“Identify what is your call, what is your passion and then persist!”
Luis Enrique
Grammy Award Winner Singer

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