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Underwater Glam: 6 Questions with Eyelash Extension Guru, Jonglak Knight

by Lissette Rondon.

Summer season is already here, so we eagerly await all the mayor events and activities of July and August. We strive to be fully glam ready to enjoy pool parties, beach days, outdoor gatherings, and other fabulous occasions – including enhancing our appearance with lash extensions!

That’s why we set up an interview with our favorite lash extensions guru in South Florida, Jonglak Knight!  

JJ (as friends and customers caller her) has garnered a substantial following in SF due to her exceptional skills and business prowess, as she operates her business, “Eye Max Lashes Studio,” in Plantation. With her extensive experience in the beauty industry and her unwavering commitment to staying at the forefront, she has rightfully earned her reputation as one of today’s foremost lash extension gurus with a long list of loyal clients (including myself!)

During our interview, we invited JJ to the beach, creating a picturesque backdrop for our discussion. Embracing the ambiance, she graciously sported her bikini – providing invaluable insights and tips on how to maintain glamorous eyelashes under the radiant Miami sun and amidst the stunning beaches that surround it.

With the serene sounds of waves crashing and warm sand beneath our feet, we engaged in a productive conversation with this empowered woman, who is not only passionate about her craft but also an ardent dog lover. As we sought answers to our burning questions, we eagerly anticipate delving into the expertise of JJ once again, as she graciously imparts her knowledge to help us achieve eyelash glamour during this vibrant summer season.

Sol, sand, beach, and action!

Underwater Glam:  Eyelash Extension Guru, Jonglak Knight

Photo Credit: Humberto Vidal. Hair & Makeup: IG @Sharabeauty | Nails: IG @nails_by_ned

 Eyelash Extension Guru, Jonglak Knight

Photo Credit: Humberto Vidal. Hair & Makeup: IG @Sharabeauty | Nails: IG @nails_by_ned

Welcoming Jonglak Knight

LR: Welcome back to MFS. There are many questions about lashes and water that we would like to address. First, we want to know:  Can we swim in the beach with eyelash extensions?

JJ: Absolutely, you can swim at the beach with your eyelash extensions. However, it is advisable to limit your time in the water as salt water can negatively affect the retention of the extensions. While a quick dip to cool off is fine and won’t impact your lashes, it’s important to avoid prolonged submersion, rubbing your eyes or applying mascara—also avoid applying sunscreen close to your eyelashes.

LR: How about the pool parties, can we swim in a pool while wearing our lash extensions?

JJ: Yes, you can swim in a pool with lash extensions, but unfortunately, chlorine in the pool is not beneficial for them either. The same guidelines apply here as well. If you plan on swimming, I recommend wearing goggles to protect your lashes.

Jonglak Knight and her after-care beauty routine

LR: Well, now I know that I can wear my lash extension in a pool and in the beach. My other question now: Will our lash extensions look the same after a day at the pool or beach?

JJ: They can look great if you take care of them after your beach/pool day. Post-care is essential to maintain their appearance. Let me explain better, as soon as you leave the beach or the pool you must rinse your eyes lids with clean water and use a good lash shampoo to wash them. Rinse again with fresh water, after which, I recommend brushing them gently – Voila, they will look beautiful again!

LR: Do we need special products for our eyelash extensions protection during the summer?

JJ: Of course! During this season, I highly recommend incorporating a lash sealant into your daily beauty routine. A lash sealant is a water-soluble, oil-free aftercare product that enhances the longevity of lash extensions. It adds an extra protective layer.

LR: How far in advance should we schedule a fill or full set appointment before our next pool or beach outing?

 JJ: At least one or two days before the pool or beach day—and remember to avoid exposing your eyelash extensions to water during this period.

LR: Lastly, what can we do to ensure our lash extensions last longer during the summer?

JJ: I know that is not easy due to our weather, but the key is to avoid excessive heat and prolonged water exposure. Don’t forget to do the after-care routine after each beach day or pool day. And don’t forget the lash sealant—daily! If you do all these tips, your lashes will be super glam throughout the summer season!

 Eyelash Extension Guru, Jonglak Knight

Photo Credit: Humberto Vidal. Hair & Makeup: IG @Sharabeauty | Nails: IG @nails_by_ned

 Eyelash Extension Guru, Jonglak Knight

Photo Credit: Humberto Vidal. Hair & Makeup: IG @Sharabeauty | Nails: IG @nails_by_ned

Underwater Glam

Photo Credit: Humberto Vidal. Hair & Makeup: IG @Sharabeauty | Nails: IG @nails_by_ned

 Eyelash Extension Guru, Jonglak Knight

Photo Credit: Humberto Vidal. Hair & Makeup: IG @Sharabeauty | Nails: IG @nails_by_ned

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“Summer Has Always Been My Favorite Season. I Feel Happier”

–Zooey Deschanel

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