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Jewelry Report: The Story Behind Jason of Beverly Hills’ Head-Turning Addicted Collection‏

Some years ago, Jason of Beverly Hills mastermind Jason Arasheben curated the Addicted Collectionwith friend and designer Markus Molinari. With diamond-detailed items like a syringe ring, razor blade necklace and a spoon ring, it’s no wonder the collection has been considered controversial since its debut almost three years ago.

The reference to such heavy drugs immediately catches anyone’s attention, but what the naked eye can’t see is the meaning and inspiration of this collection. The collection is a reflection of Arasheben’s personal addiction and fascination to diamonds. Arasheben says the Addicted Collection is “a play on words” and used his ‘addiction’ to diamonds to celebrate the collection, while also shedding light to serious addictions to drugs, alcohol and sex.The Addicted Collection has been seen on A-listers Lindsay Lohan, Katy Perry, Nicki Minaj and Rihanna.