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Maria Hamilton’s best kept secrets: Eight tips on what to wear to a Fashion Show

Image by F. Diaz.
By Maria Hamilton.

Most of the time people ask me “what should I wear for a fashion event?” This time I am going to be focus on what to wear for Miami Beach International Fashion Week.

There appears to be all sorts of rules and expectations; I decided to compile my best eight tips:

1. Casual and glamorous: You’re not competing with the models on the runway; don’t think that you have to wear an outfit worthy of a thousand camera flashes. Casual and solid colors would get attention combined with the right accessories.

2. Save money: Buy a beautiful investment piece that stands out and is re-wearable. But don’t go overboard on designer wear just for one show.

3. Sexy, and prickly shoes: Put the comfy shoes away and realize this is the time that your most beautiful shoes have a reason to exist besides being beautiful in your closet.

4. The best accessories: Statements earrings are usually the perfect accessory for a dress, especially if you are not wearing a strapless or open dress in the front. Long earrings with stones can be combined with a big ring or a big bracelet– DO NOT use big bracelet with big ring. If you are wearing a big necklace then use small earrings and a big bracelet and small ring.

5. The bag: Do not skimp out with a “pleather” replica of a popular design. Buy (or borrow/rent) the real thing and wear it with pride.

6. Basic black: You can always wear a basic black cocktail dress but a pop of color never hurt anyone. Make sure if you wear a black dress that you have accessories meaning jewelry or shoes or any a purse that has color – and you will certainly appreciate the extra boost in confidence once you’re surrounded by the chic elite.

7. Chic, not slutty: Pull down the skirt and have some graciousness. Leave something for the imagination…you want to convey elegance, not ‘easy’.

8. Enjoy the show: Stay calm, have confidence and enjoy yourself instead of worrying so much about stray threads and whether or not your shoes are from last year’s collection.

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