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Create positive energy through jewelry part II: Attracting wealth and prosperity

Maria Hamilton’s Best Kept Secret
by Maria Hamilton.

Gemstones and crystals can bring lots of fortune, power, wealth and prosperity to its owner. These stones emit positive energy to give your hearts desires. You only need to know which gemstones are connected with wealth, money and finance and choose the one most suitable to you.

To help you to find your stone I will give you a list of precious and semi-precious stones that you can pick from:

1.- The Jade gemstone: known as the stone of wealth. It brings success, affluence and prosperity in your life. Also gives you wisdom to analyze issues and take decisions and it helps you to work well in stressful situations too. The Jade is known to prosper dying businesses, bringing money and good fortune.

2.- Multicolor Sapphires gemstones: attracts wealth and prosperity in your home. It helps you to achieve your goals in life and makes you a successful person. Sapphires channelize your efforts bringing rewards and success to your life. Wearing sapphire stones will give you a contented and lavish life.

3.- The Emerald gemstone: brings wealth and happiness in your life. It will improve your confidence and thinking power. The luxuriant green emerald attracts money, wealth and success. This beautiful gemstone is also known to improve memory and mental skills. It gives you courage and confidence to overcome challenges and gives you financial prosperity.

4.- The Citrine gemstone: brings wealth and happiness in your life. Balances and energizes, dissipates negative energy. This amazing gemstone also enhances personal power, emotional awareness, creativity and optimism, in addition stimulates abundance by assisting one to acquire wealth and to maintain a state of wealth.

In the next blog will talk about “Career and Life Journey” and “Community and Family Harmony”– stay tuned for more tips about creating positive energy through jewelry.

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