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Lorena’s Fashion World: Confessions of a designer

by Lorena Prado.

My inspirations!
My life has been surrounded by fashion and art. My grandmother was a dressmaker who shared her ideas with me while she was sewing wonderful dresses for me. She inspired me to pursue all possible studies, including fine arts at ‘Julio Arraga’ Fine Arts College in my beloved city of Maracaibo in Venezuela.

Trying to keep my two daughters safe, I came to this country. Surprisingly my first appearance as a designer was in a Latin channel in a beautiful fashion show where I showcased my swimsuits and accessories for the first time in the USA; from that day my life changed! I have been dedicating myself to do what I love most, which is creating entire collections of jewelry inspired by so many things, even the personalities of my friends.

My motivations…

I will always be grateful to a boyfriend I had in my childhood, when he advised me to take classes to be less abrasive; his motivation led me to a life full of photographs, fashion shows, and rewarding moments. Men in some way have motivated me to move forward in my career, but not in as good of a way as you think- quite the contrary.

In my bad experiences with some of them, and with what I would say may be the worst–when all my money was taken from my bank account by one of them, leaving me without a dollar, I became highly motivated to fight for the things that I love: my daughters, and also designing jewelry and handbags.

Perseverance: the key to my career

The biggest motivation that has kept going has certainly been my daughters; they have given me the drive to move forward. My daughters have opened a doorway in my life full of color, creativity, passion, and joy, which I apply daily in my creations, giving me the willpower and perseverance. Everything I create with my hands is a piece that is addressed to a woman and her personality, that woman who has lived her own experiences as I have, living her life between colors and harmony through my one-of-a-kind pieces!

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