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Maria Hamilton’s Best Kept Secrets: The Amazonite Gemstone

by Maria Hamilton

Happy Friday! Today I want to lift your spirit, that’s why I want to talk about a very special stone and also one of my favorites too: The Amazonite Gemstone!

Amazonite is a legendary stone, named appropriately for the Amazon. Its soothing turquoise color energy, like waters deep and ancient, helps temper excesses, restores calm after a storm, relieves nervous tension, and neutralizes boundaries.

It is a Stone of Harmony and is powerful in attaining and maintaining personal balance.

Amazonite is called the Stone of Truth and the Stone of Courage. It is a powerful Barrier Filter, dissipating negative energies. It is the perfect crystal for the workplace.

Amazonite is a Good Luck stone for games, competitions and any financial venture.

Uses and Purposes

Amazonite has healing powers to help with physical ailments, emotional issues, and energy healing…This spectacular gemstone has a powerful filtering action. Amazonite blocks stress, dispels negative energy and aggravation, alleviating worry and fear.

The lucky “Hope Stone” or Amazonite will be lucky for all your hopes and dreams…

Have a wonderful lucky, healthy and prosper week!

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