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Maria Sol Filippi, kicked off with one-of-a-kind jewelry collection at Fashion’s Night Out Miami

Jewelry Designer, Maria Sol Filippi and Lissette Rondon, President of
Miami Fashion Spotlight.
Image by Frank Diaz.

Maria Sol Filippi, presented jewelry collection for the first time at Fashion’s Night Out 2011 at City Style Collective in Miami, impressing the attendees with her one-of-a-kind designs.
Lissette Rondon, President of Miami Fashion Spotlight, got an exclusive interview with this talented Venezuelan designer, who talked about emotions, her passion and design’s concept.
LR- How does it feel to participate for the first time at Fashion’s Night Out?
The jewelry collection of Maria Filippi.
Image by Frank Diaz
“I am happy to present my collection at Fashion’s Night Out at City Style Collective, which is a great platform to promote my collection.  I designed this collection expressing a lot about myself,” added Maria.

LR – Tell us about your  “Summer 2011 Collection”?
“My “Summer 2011 Collection” is aimed to modern working women and it’s based on figures. Its an interaction of forms where the figure is the most important point of view,” said Maria.

LR- What materials do you use in this collection?
“I love using metals such as gold and silver with precious or semi-precious stones that add color to my collection. My entire collection is handmade. My designs are unique and the prices range from $ 80 to $ 600,” said Maria.

LR- When did your passion for jewelry design get started
“I have always loved jewelry; I belong to a family where the design was always part of us. I have been a jewelry designer for 4 years. This is my best way to express myself to the world. I love that people identify with my pieces because each one says something different,” added Maria.

“Design jewelry is an expression of art!”
Maria Sol Fillipi

Emerging Jewelry Designer 2011 at FNO

More information about this one-of-the-kind-designs, visit: www.solfilippi.com
Spanish version, visit www.enlaspalabrasdemila.blogspot.com
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