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Pearl, leather and precious stones: Latest jewelry trends for 2012‏

By Maria Hamilton.
Every woman wishes to look gorgeous and to feel amazing by adopting the latest jewelry trends of the season. No one can prevent or stop women from getting their favorite trendy pieces of jewelry to wear and to show up with great style.

For such purpose, Maria Hamilton’s Best kept Secrets is here again to update the trendy women about the latest jewelry trends of current fashion industry. As clothing trends change with each passing day, women might find not easy to figure what kind of jewelry to wear for what kind of outfits.

Do you want to look dazzling? Pearls, leather and sapphires jewelry will go perfect on you then. The reason is that such jewelry gives a stylish look to your personality. Moreover, the colors of pearls and precious stones never die away. They can be matched with almost all kind of dresses and roughly all colors.

Here are some ideas for different personalities and styles

 For those who loves to travel: A piece made with the Eiffel Tower made in sterling silver with multicolor sapphires and natural leather. Also a 3 way clasp will let you add on and take off any charm you might want to add and/or remove to/from this bracelet. This piece represents freedom and glamour.

For those who are “wild spirit”: Leopards are a symbol of wilderness, freedom and luxury. This piece has been made in sterling silver with white and blue sapphires. Also features a 3 way clasp that will allow you to add or remove charms to this bracelet.


For those who loves the ocean: Salt water pearls always been a luxury. This piece combines the intensity, infinity and power of the ocean. This piece made with sterling silver, sea pearls and Swarovski crystals.


For the city and daily: use leather necklaces with pearl can be worn with jean or dresses…
Remember that is all about trying new styles, colors and combinations to get stunning look you are looking for.

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