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Reset Yourself: ‘Amanda’s & Moore’ presents ‘The Tiger Collection’

By Akenis Montane.

With October upon us, we embrace many celebrations across the world.  From celebrations of Independence in places like Africa and Greece,  the International day of Non-Violence, established in India, to the World Animal month started in Florence Italy, we at Amanda’s & Moore, Inc., feel proud to present this unique and fashionable collection from “The man of Rubber”, creator Marzio Fiorini.

‘Amanda’s & Moore presents “The Tiger Collection”. This stunning and dramatic pieces definitively make a fashion statement.  Known for their fiery passion, daring, and fearlessness, Tigers are universally respected and revered for their courage by both friends and foes.  With its vivacious and dynamic personality, it’s not surprising to find that Tigers resemble us women in many ways.  Their magnetic characters, which always end up being the center or attention in social settings.  Moreover, their courageousness and universal attractiveness make popular leaders, and who better to praise this magnificent creature than women.  Being creatures of passion and emotions, fearless and calm at the same time, it sure keeps the world with an eye open on women, because face it: They never know what you are going to get.
The concept of art jewelry made from PVC with a rubber texture brought our designer,  worldwide recognition and his creations have a mystical ways of connecting with our feelings, our emotions, what inspires us and the way we feel and how we want to be portrayed.
This month is contagious, exotic, independent, praise calm and piece without lowering your guard on what’s important.  Feel the passion, sensitiveness and romantic qualities that the animal world has offered us for us to emulate. 
Stand intense, possessive of what you feel, it’s yours, protect it.  Feel the tigress inside of you and make it show!
No wonder Belle fell for the beast, two different creatures but yet bound by the same emotions…
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