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Reset yourself: The story behind Marzio Fiorini’s jewelry

By Akenis Montane
(Owner of Amanda’s & Moore)

‘Amanda’s & Moore’ were created after realizing the amazing opportunity I was presented a year ago. I was given the chance to represent a talented mind as Brazilian designer Marzio Fiorini and his line of Jewelry in the United States and the responsibility to amaze people into accessorizing their fashion taste with such a simple concept: recyclable rubber.

I decided to jump into the opportunity with many dreams in mind: women can not only look amazing without spending outrageous amounts of money, they will make heads turn, and they will feel so feminine and beautified. I will be the voice of a praised designer, who’s been awarded and recognized globally for his invention and creativity. I feel very proud –the fact that using an unimaginable material to create magnificent accessories, feels like you are making a tribute to creation itself.

Welcome to this amazing journey and reset your mind to look and feel different!

From the time I received the first shipment, Marzio Fiorini’s jewelry has not ceased to amaze everyone that have been involved in this process. It only took me opening a box to convince my friend, one of the brightest minds I know in marketing and media design, to jump in and say “I’ll do it”, the photographers gave me huge discounts on the photo-shoots, models jumped in for free, just to wear the pieces and be the faces of what we all knew and felt was a beautiful project that amazingly makes you feel in contact with nature and the greatest aspect of being here, create.

When we left to New York–The Javits Convention Center where three huge fashion shows were happening at the same time for 3 days, in addition to masters and professionals of the fashion industry with years of experience; it felt overwhelming and challenging. Little did I know I was going to be the talk of the town for the next 3 days, our booth was constantly packed with buyers from all over the world, buying, placing orders, boutiques, large retailers, magazines wanting to interview me, giving me appointments to meet with them and place some of the collections in their enticing pages, taking pictures.

I was astounded, and even more so after coming back to Miami and see my email full of orders, notes of thank you and congratulating me on such a beautiful display of definitively uncanny “I have to have it” fashion accessories.

More information about Marzio Fiorini’s designs, please contact me: akenis1994@live.com

See you next week!