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‘Septimo” by Silvia Fassardi presented ‘Pearls and Caviar’ jewelry collection

Recently, renowned line “Septimo,” by Venezuelan designer Silvia Fassardi, presented the “Pearls and Caviar” collection at “Cabochon” Jewelry & Boutique in Sunny Isles, Florida.”
With a 6-piece collection inspired by the contemporary architecture of this century, this talented designer presented a proposal based on minimalist geometric lines contrasted with pearls and black zirconia’s.
“Septimo” opened the doors of its showroom to Lissette Rondon in an exclusive interview with founder Fassardi, where she spoke about the “Pearls and Caviar” jewelry collection, the meaning of her pieces, the fashion in Miami, and more.

 LR-Tell us about this new collection.
“Today I am presenting my collection “Pearls and Caviar,” the most recent collection of 6 models of bracelets, earrings, and necklaces,” added Fassardi. “My Line ‘Septimo’ was founded in 2006 and so far opened its first corner to the public in Miami, here in Sunny Isles to permanently present our collections, including “Zodiac and “Poison'”

 LR-How did you think of the idea to create your jewelry line “Septimo?”
“Septimo” was created from the number seven. In Kabbalah, it is a lucky number in many equations of this nature. I have been learning about Kabbalah for over 8 years and many things make sense in their teaching,” said Fassardi.

 LR-Is it true that each of your pieces were created considering a Kabalistic meaning?
“In reality each of the collections that we have created has a story behind it. For example, my collection “Poison” was inspired by the serpent, which is a symbol of long life and eternal love,” said Fassardi.

 LR-What do you think of fashion in Miami?
“Fashion in Miami is unique. It is influenced by all cultures of the city. You can see someone dressed in a restaurant with a European style, and in the table in front, you can see a group of people with Caribbean or Latin Cosmopolitan style,” said Fassardi.

 LR- Can you define your work and yourself with just 3 words?
“Passion, integrity, perseverance.”

 LR-What is your next project?
“I’m a project person when I finish a project, I feel ready to start another. Now I’m throwing “Pearls and Caviar” inspired by the minimalist architecture, meanwhile I’m designing the next collection of 6 pieces that will have international ethnic flavor. It will be a surprise, for Fall 2012.”

More information about septimo, please visit: http://www.septimofashion.com

The collection “Pearls and Caviar” by Silvia Fassardi is available at: “Cabochon” Jewelry & Boutique at 18660 Collins Av, Sunny Isles, Florida.

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