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Trendy skull jewelry designs 2012 for men‏

Maria Hamilton’s Best Kept Secrets 
By Maria Hamilton

A person’s viewpoint is estimated from his dressing and the jewelry that he uses in his everyday life. Skulls seem to be a symbol of death but here it represents the art of jewelry.

Skulls have taken on its own myths and this type of jewelry has found a place in many hearts across the globe.

For men who love style, this is one of the preferred pieces of jewelry to settle for. Skulls are the latest trend of the fashion world these days.

Skulls are terribly appealing and stylish. These have got huge popularity and that’s why they’re highly adopted by fashion lovers and are enough to form the fashion statement.

Skull jewelry is accessible in silver, gold and numerous other metals and is loved by men.

Skulls have become very popular and it adds allure and a fresh feeling to your style.

Skull jewelry is the most appealing fashion in mainstream society of these days.

My design has a special meaning since skull normally represents death I had added a symbol of peace on the upper part…. Let’s choose peace over death and let’s bring peace to the world and to our children.

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