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Drowning in used formal dresses? ClosetShark.com launches to keep your fashion and wallets afloat

If your closet looks like the scene in 27 Dresses where Katherine Heigl tries to shove the latest of her bridesmaid dresses into an overstuffed closet, you might want to check out ClosetShark.com 

ClosetShark is a website where fashionable, economical women can buy, sell and trade their slightly used formalwear and dresses. It gives women the opportunity to clean out their closet while making some extra money; or on the other hand, find a great designer dress for an upcoming formal event at a fraction of the cost.

From adolescence, women are bombarded with one formal event after another. From homecoming and prom in high school to sorority formals and charity galas in college, the stress of finding a great dress at a great price can be overwhelming. Then adulthood comes filled with weddings, office parties and black-tie formal events, adding dresses to your closet and taking up valuable space. So what do you do with a closet full of dresses that you’ve only worn once?
The founder started the site as a solution to her (and her friends) own full closets.

“Staying trendy in this economic time is difficult, especially when there are so many events that require dressy attire,” Katrina Diamond, founder of ClosetShark.com explains. “After all, there are only so many times you can trade dresses with friends in your circle before the same dress starts showing up repeatedly in the same Facebook photos…ClosetShark allows you to expand your fashion circle.”

Not to take anything away from charities like Becca’s Closet and the Princess Project, ClosetShark encourages site sellers to donate dresses if their dress is still up for sale during certain seasons; the site also boasts an impressive database of donation sites to choose from based on location.

So, upcoming brides can search for wedding gowns and bridesmaid’s dresses, teenage girls can search for prom dresses and young adults can search for formalwear for charity events or cocktail parties. Women can also list single or multiple dresses on the site for a low price. Save space in your closet for next season’s upcoming trends and save another girl from a dress disaster.

About ClosetShark:

Closet Shark is a Web site designed to marry the fashion desires of women with their need to save (or make) money. The site gives ladies the option to swap, buy or sell gently used formalwear for any occasion – from dressy dates to weddings. Today, women are bombarded with one formal event after another. From high school prom and sorority formals to weddings and charity galas, the hunt for the perfect dress for each occasion can be exhausting. Then, you add that dress to the rack of other once-worn formalwear, taking up valuable space in your closet. Closet Shark was created to not only help women find the perfect dress for any occasion, but to also help women clean out their