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Kim Kardashian kicked off with her new fragrance “Gold” at Macy’s Aventura

Kim Kardashian at Macy’s Aventura.
Image by Frank Diaz.


300 customers had the pleasure to be photographed with the famous celebrity, Kim Kardashian, during her appearance at Macy’s, Aventura Mall, located at 19535 Biscayne Blvd in the city of Aventura, on May 14th

Kim came to Miami to promote her new fragrance Kim Kardashian Gold” and Miami welcomed her with open arms. Thousands of teenagers dressing like “Kim Kardashian fashion style” were at Macy’s Aventura since early hours waiting in line for their turn to meet this beautiful celebrity.

Kim promoting her new fragrance “GOLD” at Macy’s Aventura.
Imagen by F. Diaz

Lissette Rondon, Presidet Miami Fashion Spotlight
and Elizabeth Margo, Macy’s Media Relations Manager.
Image Frank Diaz.

“Kim Kardashian Gold” -The pefect fragrance for Miami Night Parties!

Kim added some new elements to her 2009 Fragrance such as; rich burst of bergamot, grapefruit, pink pepper, floral heart of jasmine, delicate rose, golden resins of amber and creamy benzoic, all in an elegant veil of musk to create a sexier version that she called “Kim Kardashian Gold.”

“This fragrance was intended for the summer,” added Kim. “I think Kim Kardashian Gold, is definitely a sexier version than my fist fragrance”.

Image by F. Diaz


Kim Kardasian Fashion Style, What was she wearing?

For her launch perfume at Macy’s, Kim Kardashian wore a stunning Rachel Roy’s dress in watercolor purple, green, black and white. Her shoes were black platform leather pumps by Christian Louboutin

What does a fashion icon as Kim Kardashian think about fashion in Miami?

“ I love the fashion in Miami, it’s funny because I have a clothing store here, name “Dash”  when we are seeking out the clothes for our store, we definitely buy differently for Miami  than we do for New York and Calabasas,” added Kim.

Image by F. Diaz

Bigger “Dash” in Miami, Soon?
“We have been looking all over places, something big and “glam” a little bit better that we have now,”added Kim. ” We also were at Collins Avenue, Lincoln Road different areas…definitely, we are looking for a bigger place for DASH.”

About her song… new album?
“ I just did the song for charity and for fun, there is not album…I’m not a singer. It was definitely very fun experience to have the opportunity to work with this people but it was so out of my comfort zone,” said Kim, smiling.

Image By Lissette Rondon.


More about Kim…

Actually we knew when she arrived to Macy’s because we were following her on twitter.

Kim Kardashian just love twitter. She always writes tweets for her fans to keep up to date with what she is doing. Follow her on twitter, So you can know every detail about her when it’s happening!

She posted this tweet after her appearance in Miami:

“Thanks to everyone who came out to Macy’s today, I swear Miami fans are on another level. I love you guys so much!”

Image by Lissette Rondon.


Waiting to interview Kim.

Mikaela Fernandez,Georgio Fernandez, Lissette Rondon (President Miami Fashion Spotlight)
and Michele Eve Sandberg, waiting to interview Kin Kardashian at Macy’s excecutive offices.
Image by Frank Diaz 


“Kim Kardashian Fashion Style”
“Kim Kardashian Fashion Style”

“Kim Kardashian Fashion Style”

“Kim Kardashian Fashion Style”
“Kim Kardashian Fashion Style”