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Designer Samy Gicherman Sponsors Miami Fashion Spotlight in 2014

– The first ever Ambassador Role of Miami’s celebrity blogger, Lissette Rondon
Samy Gicherman Sponsors Miami Fashion Spotlight, the Fashion Blog in 2014
Fashion designer, Samy Gicherman and Lissette Rondon

Miami Fashion Spotlight, LLC is thrilled to announce that the house of fashion “Samy G, Pret-a-Porter ” will be an official sponsor of Miami Fashion Spotlight.Net in 2014.

Miami based designer Samy Gicherman, who is known for his long career and experience in the field of fashion designing, his extravagant collections of Haute Couture line, Prêt-à-Porter and Brides, has teamed up with the founder and president of Miami Fashion Spotlight in their first ever Brand Ambassador role.

In the specially created role, Lissette Rondon will collaborate with Samy Gicherman’s team of marketing with custom digital content such as PICKS FROM THE EDITOR featuring Lissette’s favorite pieces that fans will be able to purchase through their web-sites.

As Ambassador of “Samy G, Prêt-à-Porter” the celebrity blogger also will be dressed with exclusive designs by Samy Gicherman at fashion events and red carpets of the city; featuring live images on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram— designs that will be available for sale the next day.

“The dynamic where the fashion industry can work closely with fashion bloggers is the most exciting development in years because that provides us with innovative content and new voices for our Miami Fashion Spotlight’s readers and viewers. I look forward to this amazing collaboration. 2014 is going to be full of new features at Miami Fashion Spotlight.Net,” says Lissette Rondon.

Every week during 2014, Samy Gicherman will be encouraging his fans of being in touch with him through the column “Live Fashion Show” at Miami Fashion Spotlight, the fashion blog– where the designer will write about his own experiences as fashion designer.

“I’m excited to be a part of the Miami Fashion Spotlight family. I’ve been a huge fan of this blog since it was founded. I truly love the authenticity and creativity of Lissette Rondon’s editorials. I can’t wait to share my designs with the readers and give them my advice about fashion,” says Gicherman.

“Lissette is a fashion influencer in Miami with impeccable taste, and I know for sure that she will be a perfect Brand Ambassador of our line SAMY G, Prêt-à-Porter.”

More details about the partnership between “Samy G, Prêt-à-Porter” and “Miami Fashion Spotlight” will be coming in the following months.

About Samy Gicherman

Samy Gicherman is a Venezuelan fashion designer who began to experience the world of fashion under the tutelage of his mother, who was a professional in the field of millinery. This early experience motivated him to go further and develop his skills in the art, transforming him into the great artist he is today.

Gicherman delighted great and famous people with his creations, including his participation in beauty pageants and catwalks around the world. His amazing collections feature full colors, glitter, lace and pleats. The designer has also been recognized for his delicate works in wedding gowns, inspiring the expansion of his name and his brand Samy Gicherman Couture. 
About Lissette Rondon & Miami Fashion Spotlight

Lissette Rondon is a retired TV-Radio producer from Venezuela (Fashion was always her passion; it can be seen throughout her productions). In 2008, she discovered another passion: Writing! She Founded her first online Spanish magazine “En las palabras de M.I.L.A” aimed to help women look better and grow self-esteem. In 2009, she becomes a “Miami Celebrity Fashion Examiner” for Examiner.com (a National online magazine), gaining recognition for her articles about fashion designers. This success inspired her to found a second online magazine, “Miami Fashion Spotlight.”

This online magazine has been named by followers “The Fashion Blog” for its coverage on exclusive interviews with national celebrities and luminaries of fashion, in addition to Grammy Award singers, designers, supermodels, as well as significant coverage of the best events, making Lissette Rondon a celebrity writer in the Magic City. Miami Fashion Spotlight has become the most important accomplished in her goals leading her in Public Relations. Recently she was awarded as “Publicist of The Year” by “Women in the Arts Miami”.