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Miami based designer, Samy Gicherman presents ‘Pajaro de Fuego’ Collection in Ecuador

Miami based fashion designer, Samy Gicherman will present ‘Pajaro de Fuego’ Collection from his new line “SAMY GI” during the “DITA” event in Ecuador, from September 18 to September 22, 2012.

The new collection was inspired by his homeland Venezuela. In his collection, Gicherman highlights sophistication and simplicity with touches of an avant-garde revering of the birds of his country.

With this fashion proposal, the talented designer shows his creativity and love for his beloved Venezuela. “As a designer I always carry a Latin flavor and color of my land. I have in my mind the smells of the forest and the inspiration of the sea,” said Gicherman.

The collection ‘Pajaro de Fuego’ was recently launched to the American market, gaining wide acceptance with contemporary women for its affordable prices and high quality in each of its pieces. “This collection is oriented toward the woman of my dreams, my ideal woman,” added Gicherman.

Soon, the designer Samy Gicherman will make another appearance in “Houston Fashion Week” from October 8 to October 14, 2012, where he is invited as special guest.

Images: Courtesy of SG.
More information about this collection, please visit: www.samygi.com