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Reset Yourself: Express your hopes and dreams with Marzio Fiorini’s designs

By Akenis Montane

From any tone of the romantic color blue to the many shades of red, this November we are all looking forward to a new beginning. With the elections coming up, why not express your hopes and dreams for the next four years, without getting “boring” in extensive political topics but submersing in the amazing phenomenum of believing in “the future ahead”. Let us wear our emotions and hopes to intoxicate everyone around us and encourage all to look ahead.

The end of a year full of expectations, hard work and never ending creativity is upon us. Greens, red, gold, which better colors to choose to express our focus on a better, prosper and intense 2013!!!

Let’s embark in this journey together. Let Amanda’s & Moore, inspire you, fill you with color, nature and the ah… of everyone around you. Our team at Amanda’s & Moore, Inc, we are dreamers, pioneers, we take action, we let our emotions show: with color, remarkable designs and daring materials.

Marzio Fiorini is not stopping at anything this November to bring us the most astonishing shades and the intensity of a rainbow of opportunities we have ahead of us.

We want to show our immense gratitude to “Miami Fashion Spotlight” for their support in allowing us to impress upon you the tremendous and never ending ingenuity we have to tender in our accessories. Indulge into shopping with us.

(15% discount for our Miami Fashion Spotlight readers.)
More information, please visit:www.amandanmoore.com