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Reset yourself: The necklace ‘Carmen’; more than just a name!

By Akenis Montane.

This season it’s all about the colors. The end of the year is near. What to do with the same old but so much cherished routine of the celebrations we love sharing with our families and friends. Paint your life with emotions that fulfill you and colors that inspire you.

Amanda’s & Moore, Inc. the exclusive representative of Marzio Fiorini, and its “Classics” collection, is a reminder of the need we all feel to go back to what we know as family values and reunite with our “Classics”.

“Carmen” the beautiful necklace from the collection brings to mind the meaning of the actual name: Carmen: in Latin  song, tune, charm. In English is the root of the word “Charm”. A beautiful name that coincidentally reminds us of all we long for these last days of the year.

In metallic gold, wealth, affluence, extravagance.

The restful color of nature, fertility, life, it’s the color of peace.

Our favorite color red, increasing enthusiasm, stimulating our energy, it encourages action and confidence. Just what we need to embrace a new year full possibilities.

it’s always a pleasure writing for Miami fashion spotlight. Their support is immense and we feel encourage by them.

From our team at Amanda’s & Moore, Inc.

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We are proud to announce that our team will soon be celebrating the opening of our Marzio Fiorini’s showroom at the Miami Merchandise Mart.

Do not hesitate to pass by and spoil yourself with enchanting colors, unique and never seen styles. You will definitively catch the eye of your friends and families, not to mention, the exclusive yet inexpensive gifts you will be proud to give out, which stand as a call to what we must protect the most, mother earth and our relationships.

Happy holidays!!!

From the team at Amanda’s & Moore, Inc.

More information, please visit www.amandanmoore.com