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STEP BY STEP: When our children inspire us!


 by Lisu Vega

Writing is not easy when you have so many important things and you do not know how to start. I would like to dedicate my beginnings to my son who has been the key in achieving important goals of my career. Since he was born, he gave me the strength to keep going as a designer.

 Julian, my 4 years old son, goes with me to each of my fashion shows. I’m taking him with me to these events, because I want to create a solid foundation for teaching him to help others. We shared together my shows in New York, Miami, Kansas City, and Venezuela; to see that beautiful smile on the face of my son, full of pride for his mother, is priceless!

 Recently, I had the opportunity to participate in the event “Fashion for Her” to benefit “Breast Cancer Association,” where I enjoyed every moment; being surrounded with those wonderful people who follow this cause and raise awareness about the daily prevention of this disease, was an amazing experience.

 I share this story with you because in my show yesterday, my son became the star photographer of the night. I loaned my camera saying “Julian take some photos of people,” and a few minutes later I began to see the expressions of admiration from all guests and attendees watching this little boy, only 4 years old, taking photos of all who were there. I am telling my readers this because like many other mothers, I find it is very important to instill in my son good principles that will be crucial for when he grows up.

 These are some images taken by Julian:

Every week, my mission will be to write about different topics in order to help other women identify with how I feel. I am very versatile and I will write about things based on my life and things I feel so passionate about, such as: love, fashion, society and people.

See you next week!

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