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Live Fashion Show: Living closely ‘Houston Fashion Week’

By Samy Gicherman.

Without much breathing and with very little time to get organized after my early arrival at Guayaquil in ‘Ecuador Moda’, I got my luggage and took a direct flight to Houston TX, where I presented my ready–to-wear-collection ‘Pajaro de Fuego.’

My first day was spent in. I knew this to be a large city, where any location may be 45 minutes away. A cute girl, I met an angel, appeared to me at the hotel. We went to tour the city for a few hours with another great friend and model. It is so good that Venezuelans always feel support wherever we are!

The first girl, Yubi Escalona, was responsible for making the fabulous make-up that would adorn all my models. She was very professional and turned out to be a great friend and colleague this week of my stay in Houston. The second girl was Solmaira Castillo, beautiful woman and entrepreneur who from now on will represent my ‘SAMY GI’ line in Houston.

Then I joined a great childhood Venezuelan friend, an extraordinary woman called, Fortuna Bellande who gave me her support and help. We made a great ‘team’ and thereafter we worked together for the success of our trunk show, bringing me many appointments with a lot of boutiques where I met extraordinary people.

It’s time for the main event. The parade was in a luxurious hotel in the town of showed himself, La Colombe D’or where he cites the entire city select people who appreciated the work of three designers that we presented that night, including many Venezuelans, media, and TV shows.

The time is quickly passes and the moment of the hour comes … my 12 models were ready; nerves were present and my mind raced through the skies. The music started and I started to coordinate the models walking down the hall with very pretty French Rococo style.

That big satisfaction was when I closed my fashion show and people were standing waiting for me, I cannot express what I felt at that moment. I am infinitely grateful to all those people who helped me to become a successful production.

Believe me, my dear readers a fashion show is no easy task!

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