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LIVE FASHION SHOW: ‘Pajaro de Fuego’ Collection, epicenter of fashion in Ecuador

by Samy Gicherman.

From September 18 to September 23, 2012, was held in the city of Guayaquil, Ecuador. The fashion event DILA 2012, meeting of Latin-American designers; I went as especial guest to present my new collection “Pajaro de Fuego.”

 Suddenly I found myself in the “casting” of a lot of beautiful women; we just had to choose 17 (what a waste!) Then the “fitting” that stressed me out; I had to test all clothing in just one hour (mission impossible) followed by a meeting with the DJ to choose the proposal that I wanted in music. At some point of almost hallucinating, the music was chosen by a great friend.

Suits, cocktail dresses, the fluidity of the fabrics, the brightness of the lights, and sexy movements that emphasized the female figure joined together at one point with soft tropical music that invited the audience to dance.

 The movements of the clothes were played very well by the beautiful models, who strutted down the catwalk presenting ‘Pajaro de Fuego, Prêt-à-Porter’ Collection, my latest inspiration.

Participating in this important event and sharing with all these Latin American fashion talents, made me realize very clearly the reason that I am as a designer, which is the pursuit of the excellence!

“Pajaro de Fuego” with its bright and passionate red, marked simple lines, well-designed cuts, and excellent execution in the seam, was a collection that showed so much about me.

 I also experienced the same emotion that I always feel, again and again, at the end of walking down the runway as a designer, when you feel the applause of the public and the press; that moment when I get the conviction that everyone understood the concept of my proposal, feeling that this hullabaloo is the recognition of my work.

I thank God once again for being part of this “Live Fashion Show!”

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