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Estefan’s, Michael Caine, Juanes and Andrea Bocelli’s Easter in Miami!

Juanes at Seasalt and Pepper Restaurant in Miami.
Juanes at Seasalt and Pepper Restaurant in Miami.
Image: Courtesy of Tara Ink.

On Friday,  April 18, 2014, Juanes was spotted at Seasalt and Pepper Restaurant. He had dinner and the in house DJ Pierre Zonzon played some of his music. In a class act move, Juanes emailed him the next day thanking him for the music and how much he loved Seasalt and Pepper.

On Saturday, April 19, 2014, Miami’s royal couple Gloria and Emilio Estefan also paid a visit to Seasalt and Pepper restaurant and were joined by legendary actor Michael Caine.

On Sunday, April 20,  a great friend of Roberto Cavalli, Andrea Bocelli along with his new wife Veronica Berti ( They got married in March in very private ceremony) and 3 sons visited Cavalli Restaurant and Lounge for dinner.

Being a lover of truffles, Andrea was a huge fan of the truffle risotto. Earlier in the day, he treated Parishioners at St Patrick Church in Miami to a solo during the Easter mass. A welcome surprise for all!