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My 305 Style: Thank God it’s Friday!

My Style 305: Thank God it's Friday!
Image: Frank Diaz.

Fridays have become everyone’s favorite day, being the last labor day of the week. “Fashionistas” prepare themselves from the morning thinking about where they are going to finish their day and evening and based on that, they choose their “outfits” that last longer, looking good until the end!

I remember when I used to work in a Bank in Venezuela (many years ago), it was mandatory to wear uniforms Monday through Thursday but Friday, ah the graceful Fridays, were the only day we could use that spectacular “outfit” that was waiting in our closet until the opportunity arose.

For all employees who loved fashion this was an opportunity to reflect our own tastes and highlight our personality!

I’ve always loved fashion and Fridays for that reason (since I was 16 years old and I got my first paycheck that could afford my tastes) every Thursday night, no matter how late it was, I use to star my own fashion show with my clothes called, “What I am going to wear tomorrow” to hit in a fashionable way my day at work and capture looks when I was out with my friends at night.

Times have not changed; Fridays still stand for fun and fashion. Cities such as Paris and New York have their bars full of people on Friday nights wearing their best outfits, celebrating the beginning of their weekends.

Miami is not a different city. It is a tourist city where everything happens, every day, and every day we have events. Most local jobs have their schedules Monday through Friday.

Although my field of work has no time or date set on the calendar, and sometimes I have to cover events during the week, I still do my ritual every Thursday night, because I still have my special moments to share with friends and my fiancé every Friday night.

Ever Friday I still look in the mirror and see that 16 year old girl struggling with her closet to not repeat her clothes, the girl who loves fashion since then, and every Friday I wake up saying “Thank God it’s Friday.” The love of fashion continues in my heart, as if time has not stopped.

My Style 305: Thank God it's Friday!
Image: Frank Diaz.

If you are going out tonight, I want to recommend this outfit from the line Samy G, designed by talented designer, Samy Gicherman (a genius in his creations) His website is: www.samy-gicheman.com.