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My 305 Style: The tunic – a fashion statement

My 305 Style: The tunic - a fashion statement

In my work I’m always on the go. Between events, interviews, productions and editorials it is difficult to always be fashionable (even though I die and breathe fashion). Many styles in clothing are not designed around comfort and when it is time to move they become a torture.

In my recent event at the American Airlines Arena, I wanted to wear something comfortable due to the expected concurrence of the “World Conference” while allowing me to be fashionably represented in my interview with LaLa Anthony and Loren Ridinger, celebrities in showbiz and the beauty industry.

I decided to look for the three golden rules: Comfortable, certain, and chic. What came out from my closet was a set of tunic and palazzo pants in color beige from the collection “Pajaro de Fuego” by Samy Gicherman (the tunic has a finely hand embroidered collar in bronze and brown)—an outfit to die for!

Available for sale: http://samy-gicherman.com/pants/qisw5c0rc8dnmfz5o998qbto6i6u8w

Tunics have become a must have part of a woman’s wardrobe (especially in Spring-Summer) and here in Miami you can wear them all the time, especially those days when the weather is very hot—they are perfect for women who want a look that says sophisticated but no slave of trends.

Availables for sale at: https://www.facebook.com/septimo77
I accessorized my outfit with the Lucrezia turquoise Hoops, the top seller piece of Septimo by Silvia Fassardi (I confess one of my favorite pieces ever from her) along with “the constanza” cuff—these pieces are bold and trendy!

I went to the conference, I walked the American Airlines Arena, I interviewed the celebrities and I also spent time with my colleagues at the pressroom and I never felt uncomfortable and the best part, I received many compliments!

You also can wear a tunic like this with embellishment for special occasions, and believe me it will help you to make a fashion statement!

See you soon…

Next to Loren Ridinger and La La Anthony at the launching of Spring/Summer 2014 Motives Collection at
the World Conference at American Airlines Arena in Miami.
Image by MFS