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Maria Hamilton’s best kept secrets: Teaming up with GP Natural Cosmetics for next beauty campaign

by Maria Hamilton
Being a woman requires a lot of time and effort in order to look great. As part of the routines that we have a good care of your skin is essential to look radiant and beautiful. This campaign promotes beauty for all those women that are 40 and over….It was my pleasure to provide the accessories for the campaign and give a few tips about what to wear with certain outfits… It was an amazing experience to work with great team of professionals such as: Fashion Koncept, Photographer, Humberto Vidal, Fashion Designer, Samy Gicherman, the photographers behind the scenes: Piero Miranda, Miguel Aya and Make-up Artist, Maria Fernanda Velez, and the male models Joel Rod (actor), Carlos Verdugo and the best coverage for International TV, CNN en Español.

Glenda Betancourt owner and founder of GP Natural Cosmetics been interviewed by CNN

With the talented clothing designer Sammy Gicherman, who provided the dresses for the cause! And our male model Joel Rod

Lissette Rondon the producer and model of this wonderful campaign getting ready for and Photo Session.


Some sneak pics of the campaign that is going to be just amazing!!!

Special thanks Rod Estrada from CNN for your support!

Stay tune for more events and pictures!!! See you next week!

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