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Ema Savahl, winner of “Excellence in Evening Wear Award:” a fashion hit at MBIFW 2012

Lissette Rondon interviewing Ema Savahl at MBIFW 2012.

Fashion Designer, Ema Savahl made her debut at Miami Beach International Fashion Week, becoming a fashion sensation after winning the “Excellence in Evening Wear Award” at the Miami Beach Convention Center on March 24th, 2012.

Ema impressed the audience by presenting a very unique collection made with silicone materials, which enable very form-fitting designs without compromising comfort.
Lissette Rondon, Founder of Miami Fashion Spotlight got an interview with this amazing designer whose pieces have been seen on red carpets and have been worn by celebrities including Kate Perry and Sofia Vergara. Check it out!
Lissette Rondon, President of Miami Fashion Spotlight and
Fashion Designer, Ema Savahl.

LR- Tell us a little about your collection?
“The collection was really hard to put together. I have almost 14 designs together in the same collection with different silicones in very solid colors. We were be able to add so much extra, without it looking like one of them did not belong,” said Ema.

LR- What was your inspiration for this amazing collection?
“My inspiration was a woman that does not need to be liked by others, she likes herself and she is happy with it,” added Ema.

LR- How do you feel about being a winner of “Excellence in Evening wear Award”?
I’m very happy because I didn’t know that there was an award. I feel like I won the last game of the championship but there is no cup,” said Ema laughing.

LR- Could you define your work and yourself with just 3 words?
“Different, very expressive, and colorful”, added Ema.

LR- What is your next project?
“I am going to be working on Spring- Summer 2013 very soon,” said Ema.

LR- Do you want to give an inspirational message to all your followers and others fashion designers?
“Never give up and keep going!”

The Collection