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Samy Gicherman: A ‘Super Fashion Hero’ of Miami

This ‘Super Fashion Hero’ is another renowned “Miami’s top designer.” He also teaches the art of dressing well. He identified himself with the very popular, “Men in Black”.

Samy has been invited as a Latin designer living in the USA to present his collection at renowned fashion events including “Miami Fashion Week.” Recently, he created the center of fashion and designers called “Fashion Koncept” where all creative individuals such as: designers, photographers, art directors, stylists, hairdressers, makeup artists, and models can develop their brands. “I am committed to promote 100% fashion, art, and music of this city,” added Samy.

Lissette Rondon, Founder of Miami Fashion Spotlight, got an exclusive interview with this “Men in Black- Super Fashion Hero” where he spoke about fashion in Miami, his “Fashion Koncept”, his mission, and more.

LR- What do you think about fashion in Miami?

“Fashion in Miami is very particular, has its own style because the city is located on the southeast coast of the Atlantic, with warm weather almost all year-round. It was considered just a tourist place for a very long time, and then the city grew up into a cosmopolitan city,” added Sam. “I think the development of the fashion industry in this city is very small; those who live here, we grasp fashion adding a look of semi-formal beach that characterizes us, because our people do not meet much formality when they are going to get dress, creating the very popular look called ‘MIAMI STYLE,’ said Sam.

LR- How many jobs does your company provide every year for our people in Miami?

“Depending on the season, we can work with10 to 15 permanent staff, in addition to sewing contracted. “Fashion Koncept” also hires photographers, stylists, models, adding a string of not only employees, but also a great talent development nationally and internationally,” said Samy. “For example in a photo shoot, we hire 10 to 15 people for a period of 5 hours. “Fashion Koncept” always holds 4 to 5 photo-shoots a week.”

LR- Our country is trying to rescue the economy making more products here in USA; are your designs “Made in USA?”

“The workforce in the United States has always been expensive. In these times of crisis, we are trying to rescue the economy through job opportunities and employment,” added Sam. “All my work is done here in the United States; I am always looking for opportunities for my company – these opportunities of course, create jobs.

LR- Could you define your mission with just 3 words?

“Create, teach, and give,” said Samy.

More information about Samy Gicherman, please visit: www.samygicherman.com

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Written by: Lissette Rondon

Edited by: Alexis Diaz.

Contacts: miamifashionspotlight@hotmail.com