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The most glamorous event of the year returns: The ‘Miami Hair, Beauty & Fashion 2012 by Rocco Donna’

The anxiously awaited and most glamorous event of the year: “Miami Hair Beauty & Fashion 2012 by Rocco Donna”, presented by Suave Professionals® and returns on November 8th and will be held in the Viceroy Miami Spa to entertain a select group of invited guests and celebrities alongside renowned stylist, Leonardo Rocco.

Leonardo Rocco has established his career on an international level and is regarded as an icon in the beauty industry due to his incomparable and unique talent, extraordinary vision and ongoing presence in the media. Credited for the transformations of the images of the most notable celebrities in the Hispanic and American market in the United States, Rocco is the essence of highest quality within the industry.

‘Miami Hair, Beauty & Fashion 2012’ is a spectacular event where glamour, lifestyle, fashion and latest industry trends make a presence with the work of Rocco Donna, and Suave Professionals® Every year, we look to surpass expectations and transport our guests into the fabulous world of fashion. On November 8th everyone must be prepared to experience this unique moment where we will all celebrate the change in era and the positive energies, and explore the five senses in a spectacular way,” Rocco stated.

The Mayan calendar predicts an important change for the year 2012 and for this reason the producers of this event have prepared an impactful concept inspired by the Mayan culture and the change in era. The positivism, the mystic ambiance and mystery are the ingredients which will be used to showcase the new trends in beauty, glamour, fashion and lifestyle during this spectacular occasion.

Miami Hair, Beauty & Fashion 2011 rapidly became one of the most highly commented events by media and its impact in the press was extraordinary. For this eighth edition, a full day will be organized with activities that will allow the brands to not only expose their products, but also create experiences that one can personally indulge in.

Miami Hair, Beauty & Fashion 2012 by Rocco Donna activities and seminars will commence in the morning and will offer a personalized experience to a select group of top editors, bloggers, “fashionistas”, members of the media and special guests. Those in attendance will partake in interactive and unique experiences that will explore and awaken the five senses: hearing, sight, touch, smell and taste, through activities such as music, wine tasting, hair styling, and make-up application provided by Leonardo Rocco and his team of experts.

At 7 pm, prominent celebrities will begin to make their way through the Pink Carpet in support of the Susan G. Komen for the Cure® Miami/Ft. Lauderdale Affiliate foundation in the exclusive Viceroy Miami Spa, globally recognized as being a masterpiece of the famous designer Phillip Stark.

The Suave Professionals® Hair Lounge is where Leonardo Rocco and his team from Rocco Donna Hair and Beauty Art will create amazingly beautiful hair transformations that will undoubtedly leave a lasting impression on the runway. The Suave Professionals® styling products and Suave Professionals Keratin Infusion™ line, which have been proven to work as well as top salon brands, will be the main protagonists of the ‘look’ changes. All those in attendance will be granted the opportunity to enjoy a live backstage experience in spectacular areas of the spa.

One of the more important spaces in the event venue is the make-up room where the team from Rocco Donna Hair and Beauty Art, will presenting new trends in the industry to the public.

The culminating moment of the evening will be the Miami Hair, Beauty & Fashion by Rocco Donna fashion show, which will have top celebrities undergo a ‘look’ transformation before walking the runway as style icons. 

The celebration continues with a VIP party where guests, members of the media and celebrities will enjoy a night of excitement and music to conclude a day of various magnificent experiences.

Miami Hair, Beauty & Fashion 2012 by Rocco Donna would not be possible without the sponsorship of leading industry brands such as SUAVE Professionals®, Vacaciones Inolvidables-Cancún, XES Cosmetics, Aqua Beauty Line, Velati Candles, DJ Claudio Holze, Mercadito, Dolores Lolita, Brugal, Strategic Importers, Gente de Miami, Citiprint and Spa at Viceroy.

Miami Hair, Beauty & Fashion 2012 by Rocco Donna is a production executed by Rocco Donna and its allies: Innova, GR8 and M&M Entertainment.

For more information regarding the Miami, Hair Beauty & Fashion 2012 by Rocco Donna event, please visit www.miamihairbeautyandfashion.com