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Joaquin Cortes: The most famous flamenco dancer in the world makes special presentation in Miami

Joaquin Cortes on the stage.
Image: Cortesy of Dream Team Agency.

Joaquin Cortes, the most famous flamenco dancer in the world will make a special presentation at the James L. Knight Center in Miami on November 12th 2011.

The flamenco worldwide icon will visit the city of Miami, where he begins a tour of several South American countries, with a spectacular presentation called “CALÉ”- the piece that celebrates 30 years of one of the brightest careers in the world of dance.

Lissette Rondon got an exclusive interview with Juan Jose Leandro, the promoter that is bringing Joaquin Cortes to Miami- who gave us a brief insight of this anticipated celebration show that will put on stage the best of the Spanish dancer.

LR- Tell us about the show that Joaquin Cortes will bring to Miami on November 12th 2011
“After 2 years of absence, Joaquin Cortes brings a show called “CALÉ”, that is more than a show because it combines the best of his previous shows, fusing sounds, dance and amazing scenery with stunning projection of images, in addition to the best technology in lighting which has been the hallmark of Joaquin,” said Leandro. “This presentation involves over 30 people that give life to this show.”

LR- Which are the countries that will be part of Joaquin Cortes’s tour?
“This year the tour is going to start in Miami then Panama and Chile. Next year, Joaquin Cortes’s tour will repeat in the United States, Venezuela, Colombia and Dominican Republic,” added Leandro.

LR- How has the response of Miami’s people been to this amazing show?
“We are happy with the response of Miami’s people- There is many colonies that have passion for flamenco dancing and Spanish bullfighting such as Venezuela, Colombia, Argentina and some colonies of Central America, in addition to some American people, even if they do not understand Spanish, they love the show that Joaquin Cortes offers. We have done a big promotion and the response has been incredible, said Leandro.

LR- Can you tell us a little about the new look of Joaquin Cortes?
“Joaquin has a new look, he comes without a pony tail,” added Leandro.

LR- Are there any American fashion designer who will get involved in the fashion style of Joaquin Cortes?
“He will come next week to Miami for meetings about his style. It’s the only thing that I can say,” said Leandro.

 LR- How long will Joaquin Cortes be in Miami?
 “Next week, he will be 5 days and when he comes for the show, he will be here the day of the show and the day after,”added Leandro.

Tickets on sale at www.ticketmaster.com
Spanish Version, visit www.enlaspalabrasdemila.blogspot.com