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Q and A | Julian Chang: Miami Fashion Week’s Iconic Designer

Miami Based designer Julian Chang was honored as “Icon designer” at Miami Fashion Week 2013 at the Miami Beach Convention Center, on March 20, 2013. Chang kicked off the runway presenting his latest collection inspired by the story of a “French girl in Miami” 

Lissette Rondon, our Founder & President, got an exclusive interview with the young “Icon Designer,” where Chang talked about his awards, his collection and more… Check it out!

LR- How does it feel to receive the honor “Icon Designer of the Year”? 
“It’s an honor to be part of the local fashion and collaborate to growing fashion in Miami,” said Chang.

LR – Tell us about the collection that you presented tonight?
“The inspiration was ‘The French girl in Miami’ –the story about a French girl who moved to Miami,” added Chang. “She was glamorous and sexy and she felt inspired by the people around the city.”

LR- If you were a reporter and had to give exclusive news on Julian Chang, what would that entail?
“Julian Chang launches Home Accessories line. I would love to design home accessories in the future,” added Chang.

LR-Could you define your work and yourself with just three words?
“Practical, creative and unique,” said Chang.

LR – What are your plans for near future projects?
“The launch of my couture collection and the launching of one economical line by Julian Chang,” added Chang.

LR- Knowing what you know now as an “Icon Designer,” what advice would you give to emerging designers?
“Follow your dreams with perseverance,” said Chang.

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Images by Humberto Vidal