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Miami’s Top Designer: Julian Chang showcased fashion forward collections

Lissette Rondon, interviewing Miami’s top designer, Julian Chang.
Image by K. Dawes & J. Mullins

Miami’s top designer, Julian Chang, showcased his latest collections at “Coast Show” located at 191 NE 40th Street in Miami Design District, on August 15th- 16th 2011.

Lissette Rondon, Founder and President of “Miami Fashion Spotlight” got an exclusive interview with this young Peruvian designer, where he talked about his “Resort Collection”, “Winter Collection” and “Summer Collection 2012.”

Image by K. Dawes & J. Mullins.
LR- What is Julian Chang showcasing at Coast Show?
We’re showing a few collections such as: Resort, Winter and Summer  2012. In the resort and summer collections, I’m showing unique pieces, using materials “wrinkle free” that women can use at work, travel or they can wear at night by just adding accessories. Today’s woman wants to be comfortable, sexy and dress smart,” added Chang. “For intance in the winter collection, we have jewel colors and we still have influence of animal prints.”

LR- What would you recommend for women of Miami?
Image by K. Dawes & J. Mullins.

I recommend our exclusive designs that can be transformed in different ways like reversible patterned dresses. We’re launching these  designs to the market as well, since there is nothing like that. In addition to palazzo pants inspired by the 70s. We are giving enfaces in comfort,” added Chang. “Most of the pants are wide boot with details at the waist . These pants are perfect for travel because you do not have to iron them.”

LR-What would you recommend for Miami’s night parties?
“I especially  recommend one of my favorite fashion forward design it’s a short skirt that is long in the back. Colors are very important; this season, I dare to say: don’t be  afraid of colors!” added Chang. “Yellow and orange are not common, people are not used to wearing them, but these are the new colors and matched with black and winter white it’s a perfect combination.”

Image by K. Dawes & J. Mullins

LR-What was your inspiration for these collections?
My inspiration is always Miami. Miami is very tropical and sexy.  I also added a touch of African trends,” said Chang.

Image by K. Dawes & J. Mullins

LR-What is your next project?
“We are going to Vegas – For Vegas, we will showcase the same collections with some additional evening dresses,” added Chang. “They really like brightness and details there.”

Image by K. Dawes & J. Mullins.

“Have fun when you dress; always trying something new. The beauty of fashion is change!”

Julian Chang
Miami Celebrity Fashion Designer.

Viviana Gabeiras and Julian Chang, Miami’s Top Designers.
Image by K. Dawes & J. Mullins
Image by K. Dawes & J. Mullins.