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Fashionable Restaurants: Asia de Cuba in South Beach made debut of Ceviche Raw Bar

Image: Courtesy of The Dream Agency.

Image: Courtesy Of The Dream Team Agency

The restaurant “Asia de Cuba” located in the Mondrian Hotel at 1100 West Avenue in South Beach introduced a new menu, on March 7th, 2012.

Under crystal chandeliers and gold bells designed by Marcel Wanders, the guests enjoyed the Ceviche Raw Bar with original “ceviches”, “tiraditos”, creative “maki rolls” and selections of the season. The fabulous restaurant aims to maintain the style introduced by Jeffrey Chodorow in the Morgans Hotel in New York in 1997.

Asia de Cuba delighted the palates of customers and guests with its “Ceviche Raw Bar”, offering a variety of ceviches, including “Wild Salmon” and “Frozen Salted Avocado” that took everybody’s breath away.

Among the “Maki Rolls” to taste, were including: “Cien Fuegos”, “Red Jalapeños & Scallions” and “The Cuban”  but the favorite of the night was a special maki roll called “Paella “- this roll is made ​​of paella rice, peppers, “edamame,” clams and mussels with the touch of crispy chorizo on top.

Meanwhile the “Mixologist,” Angelo Vieira showed his skills with distinctive cocktails that reflected the new face of Asia de Cuba in the “Sunset Lounge”, fixing “Cocktails for Two”, “The Cuban Missile,” “The Cocktail Party,” “Mambo Queen” and the future favorite of gentlemen, “The Havana Cigar Manhattan”, in addition to the most popular drinks;  mojitos, daiquiris and caipirinhas.

After a very pleasant evening with colleagues, customers and culinary art lovers, the food tasting offered by “Asia de Cuba” was an amazing experience. A night full of flavors to remember!

For more information on Asia de Cuba and reservations, please call 305-514-1940 or visit:: www.chinagrillmgt.com

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Lissette Rondon (Miami Fashion Spotlight), Carlos Arrechea (Life Style Miami),  Liliana Lopez  (Mydailycafe.com)
and Camilo Gomez (Life Style Miami).
Image: Frank Diaz
Lissette Rondon (Miamifashionspotlight.blogspot.com), Terry Zarikian (China Grill Management, INC) and
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Kelly  Saks (Kellysklosetblog.com) and Rosa Cordero (Accidentalsexiness.com)
Image: Frank Diaz
Image: Cortesia of  The Dream Team Agency.
Image: Frank Diaz

Image: Frank Diaz
Image: Frank Diaz
Rosa Cordero (Accidentalsexiness.com), Lissette Rondon (Miami Fashion Spotlight) and
Kelly Saks (Kellyklosetblog.com)
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