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Royal Style: Viviana Gabeiras launched new collection inspired by Kate Middleton

Lissette Rondon, interviewing Fashion Designer, Viviana Gabeiras.
Image by  K. Dawes and J. Mullins

Viviana Gabeiras, Miami’s top designer, launched new collection inspired by Kate Middleton, at the “Coast Show” in Miami Design District, on August 15th- 16th 2011.

The fabulous ‘Holiday/ Cruise Collection’ was inspired by the fashion sense and elegance, of the Duchess of Cambridge, featuring pieces that show the transition from Kate, in her latest travels.

Image by
K. Dawes & J. Mullins

The designs range from stunning interchangeable pieces inspired by places and styles, from “Studio 54” in New York to “Saturday Night Fever” in California, moving forward with ready to wear “safari” pieces made with soft and very feminine prints, returning to London with elegant and casual combinations for an afternoon tea.

The talented Venezuelan designer, who resides in Miami, scored another fashion hit with this amazing proposal, adding a royal style to the wardrobe of every woman, redefining it as modern and chic. Perhaps the same message that conveys the Duchess herself!

“I was inspired by Kate, who is a fashion icon with the world’s attention on her. The duchess is dressing in a classic, elegant and sweet style, combining different pieces in different ways at different times. Following her path, we see that Kate is sending a message repeating her pieces and mixing accessories. From seeing her and following in her travels, I felt very inspired to design “
“I was inspired by Kate, but I took her fashion sense to the niche of “Petit Pois “- which is the adventurous woman who travels a lot and loves fashion with a little influence of Viviana,” said Viviana smiling.

Image by K. Dawes and J. Mullins.

“The colors of the season are much stronger in the fall. Towards the end of year we are moving to black and white, grays and fine eclectic art prints. “Animal prints” are still going to be in with tribal influence,” added Viviana. “Gold is still fashionable; I present it in a very classic way, with small accessories.”

Image by K. Dawes and J. Mullins.

“My line “Petit Pois” is ageless – today, women have no age and they take fashion on how they feel. The young women take their mothers’ outfits and mothers take their daughters; all these stories make me happy. It is a timeless collection, with no boundaries.”

Viviana Gabeiras and her line “Petit Pois” has received recognition from celebrities such as: Shakira, super model Heidi Lindgreen, Maria Celeste (Al Rojo Vivo), Adriana de Moura (Star of “Real Housewives of Miami”), Florence Welch and Mya, among others.

More information, please visit www.mypetitpois.com

Image by K. Dawes and J. Mullins.

“Dare to be free and to wear whatever you want. Dare to enjoy the pleasure of dressing!”

Viviana Gabeiras
Miami Celebrity Fashion Designer.