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What to wear when you are going to a Miami’s night party

By Maria Hamilton
I have special tips when you are going to a Miami’s night party and you also want to be in the spotlight: If you are wearing a tight, slinky, sexy dress make sure you wear a pair of sexy heels and light up your outfit with a striking necklace or some statement earrings. Before you head out for the night test the ‘danceability’ and /or “mobility” of your outfit before you head out for the night; I believe that the middle of the dance floor and seating down is not exactly the perfect place to find out that your dress is too short and you are showing a lot more than what people need to see. Remember … be chic all night Long!

Recommended accessories: 

1-Long Necklace with feathers

2- A chocker with small earrings

3- Big sparkling earrings with a bracelet.

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