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Summer in the city: Vizcayne and Nikki Beach hosted the first ever beach party

Craig Studnicky, Nicolas Grossi and Philip Spiegelman.

Vizcayne, Downtown Miami’s luxury real estate located alongside Biscayne Bay, welcomed over 350 guests to their summer in the city beach party, on June 23rd.
Rockwood Capital and ISG hosted the first -ever beach event in celebration of their newly formed relationship between globally recognized brand, Nikki Beach and Miami’s luxury residential development, Vizcayne.

Vizcayne and “The Magic City”.
The summer soirée took place alongside Vizcayne’s ‘pool deck in the sky’ where guests were able to enjoy panoramic views of the ‘Magic City’ and have a sneak peak of the newly installed pool side furniture designed by world renowned interior designer Steven G.

Nikki Beach Clubs Worldwide, VIP Style!
Guests had the opportunity to tour the 34th floor sales center and take a glimpse inside an array of floor plans that Vizcayne offers. They also had the chance to win 3 membership cards “Platinum Membership” to attend Nikki Beach Clubs worldwide VIP style.

VIP, socialites and more…
What does it take for any event to be excelent?  Their People.
Our images showcase VIP, most fashionable people and socialites that were gathered at “Viscayne & Nikki Beach Downtown Miami’s Beach Party” and making this event, one of the best events of the Summer.

Check it out!

Graciella Mure, Carla Lopez and Patricia Velazquez.

Cris Aichinger and Sonia Vongerspenger.

Lonnika Robinson, Paul Krasker, John Webber and Christine Slayton.

Stephanie Gonzalez and Christina Sosa.

Nicole Cardozo and Philip Spiegelman.
Jose Angel, Diego Cabrall and Nicolas Grossi.
Craig Studnicky, Philip Spiegelman and Larry Mango.

Patricia Musa, Daniel Jerusalmi, Adriana Oliveiros and Celeste Gouvea.

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