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19 Most Fashionable People of 2011

Miami Fashion Spotlight is looking back on 2011, another year of fashion adventure!

Fashion shows, interviews, launch parties, charity events and more, brought a special taste of style and glamour to Miami that made us remember and keep them in our memories.

Before we get fashionable crazy in 2012, let’s remember the most fashionable people during 2011 and honor them for keeping fashion alive in our city.

 19 Most Fashionable People of 2011:
 1- Kimberly Shenker- Bacardi, Founder of Kim’s Good Karma Group.

Image by Winston Delawar Photography.

2- Nicolas Felizola, Fashion Designer

Image by F. Diaz


3- Donald and Lisa Pliner, Iconic Footwear Designers.

Image by Francia Montoya.

4- Adriana de Moura, Star of Bravo TV “Real Housewives of Miami.”

Image by F. Diaz

5- Abigail Pollak, (Hispanic Political Fundraiser).

Image: Courtesy of JeJe Consulting.

6- Zurami Pascual- Owner of Boca Tanning.

Image: http://www.angelabeltran.com/

7- Maria Jose Barraza- TV Host, “Escandalo TV,” Telefutura.

Image: Courtesy of JeJe Counsulting.

8- Gerry Kelly, Miami’s Nightlife Guru.

Image by F. Diaz

9- Natalia Cruz- (Journalist and news anchor, three time Emmy Award winner).

Image by Guillermo Albornoz.

10- Eduardo de las Casas, Fashion Designer.

Image: Courtesy of JeJe Counsuting.

11- Elaine Lancaster, Diva and Star of “Real Housewives of Miami.”

Image: Courtesy of JeJe Consulting.

12- Azucena Cierco- TV Host, Telemundo.

Image: Courtesy of JeJe Counsulting.

13- Shareef Malnik, Owner of the Forge.

Image by F. Diaz

14- Alexis Carballosa, Fashion Designer.

Image by Roberto Fanchini.

15- Shireen Sandoval, Entertainment Reporter/Host, Channel 7, Deco Drive.

Image by F. Diaz

16- Adriana Castro, Handbags Designer.

Image: Courtesy of The Dream Team Agency.

17- Viviana Gabeiras, Fashion Designer.

Image by F. Diaz

18- Candela Ferro, Model and Host of Telemundo.

Image by F. Diaz

19- Dante Carpenter, Manager at Oscar de la Renta, Bal Harbour Shops.

Image by F. Diaz

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