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Miami Swim Week:‘Peixoto Swim & Resort Wear’ made successful debut

Maricio Esquenazi, Swimwear Designer.
Image by F. Diaz
Mauricio Esquenazi, Miami Base Designer, made his first splash as swimwear designer, launching his brand “Peixoto Swim & Resort Wear” at “Miami Swim Lounge” at the Gansevoort Hotel, located at 2377 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach, on July 16th, 2011.

Mauricio Esquenazi and Lissette Rondon.
Image by F. Diaz.

The emerging young designer, unveiled a fabulous Resort Collection, named “Unwind in Style”. Esquenazi’s collection impressed women attendees by his top quality fashion-forward pieces with an elegant twist and affordable prices.

Lissette Rondon, Founder & President of “Miami Fashion Spotlight”, got an exclusive interview with this swimwear designer, who definitely was one of the best swimwear designers at ‘Miami Swim Lounge.’

Mauricio Esquenazi and Lissette Rondon.
Image by F. Diaz

LR-Tell us about your collection “Unwind in Style”.

“My Collection is for women who are in their 25’s to 40’s; sophisticated and elegant women who like to travel. Women educated that are looking for certain bikini that does not reveal too much; something you can wear on a cruise, go yachting, go from the Caribbean to Mikonos,” said Esquenazi.

LR-What was your inspiration for these pieces?

“My inspiration is well travelled women and you can see that from all my pieces. I have very bold prints and colors that add personality to women who always are balancing their lives,” added Ezquenazi.

LR-What are you offering different to the Swimsuits market?

“My designs are comfortable, women can wear in the water, they can jump, they can dive, they can enjoy everything with confident, my designs are not going to fall off!” said Esquenazi.

LR- What is your principal intention behind every piece that you design?

“Nowadays, there are so many bikinis and swimsuits just to model around the pool, but my intention is for women to be able to be themselves, have fun or just relax,” added Esquenazi.

More information about this elegant swim and resort wear at: www.peixotostore.com

“Unwind in Style” Collection by ‘Peixoto Swim & Resort Wear’:
Images by “Peixoto Swim & Resort Wear”.

Lissette Rondon and Mauricio Esquenazi.
Image F. Diaz

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