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Celeb Next Door: Singer-Songwriter Amy Barbera

Celeb Next Door: Q&A with Inspirational Singer-Songwriter Amy Barbera

Singer-songwriter Amy Barbera stopped by Miami Fashion Spotlight’s office to give our readers a little taste of her music.

Getting the opportunity to know Barbera, our president Lissette Rondon got an exclusive interview with this young and talented singer that has already charmed the music industry. They talked about her new video of “Make Me a Butterfly” to be released this summer, her passion for helping others, her awards, inspirations and more.

LR-When did you discover your passion for singing?

“Since I was a little girl, I think I was around 5 years old when I realized my true passion was to sing. I use to love to drive in the car with my dad and listen to music on the radio and sing my little heart out–I loved watching the movie “Annie” and I dreamed of singing just like her one day,” said Barbera. “When I was in elementary school I entered a talent show that the school put on that year performing the song “My Favorite Things” from the movie, “The Sound of Music” and I ended up winning the whole contest. I was a shy little girl, so winning really boosted my self-esteem.”

LR- Tell us about your experience of being presented with the “Spiritual Entrepreneurs Visionary Award.”

“I was presented with a special “Spiritual Entrepreneurs Visionary Award” in March of 2012 by the American Cancer Society and Jonathan Lederman. I was so touched and humbled to be presented with such a wonderful award for giving back and for outstanding dedication to helping other people excel through inspiring and empowering practices,” added Barbera.

LR- We know that you are also a celebrated philanthropist. Tell us about your passion for helping others.

“I gave my life to Jesus in 1996 and started singing on my church worship team. At that time the Lord started speaking to my heart to really reach out to those in need,” said Barbera. “I wanted to make a difference and show the love of Jesus to others around me. I started dedicating my time to uplift those I came in contact with. I also created my song for children titled “God’s Special Angel.” After the song was complete I started traveling to children’s hospitals and schools to sing my heartfelt song to the children to bring them encouragement (I also loved to bring them teddy bears and balloons as well). I even started sending toys and clothing to an orphanage in Uganda, Africa called “‘His Saving Grace Orphanage.’”

LR- What was the inspiration for your song “Make Me a Butterfly”?

““Make Me a Butterfly” is actually my favorite song on my album “Beautiful Flower of Life” and it seems to be a fan favorite as well. It is considered my signature song! I wrote “Make Me a Butterfly” to bring encouragement and hope to those in the midst of a painful situation. Lyrically it is very touching and universally understood by all who listen to it,” added Barbera.

“I was inspired by God many years ago because of my own battle with the eating disorder anorexia that I had 20 years ago. Thank God with deep counseling and love from family and friends I was able to completely heal from anorexia and now I am able to bring my inspirational music. I am filming my very first professional music video to “Make Me a Butterfly.” I am planning on releasing it this summer.”

Celeb Next Door: Q&A with Inspirational Singer-Songwriter Amy Barbera

LR- What was your reaction when you knew you were one of the top five artists in the categories Best Singer/Songwriter & Best Pop Artist at the 2013 “Artists in Music Awards” in L.A?

“I was so happy, thankful and excited beyond what words can even express that I made the top 5 in two categories at the “Artists in Music Awards” in 2013. I am forever grateful for the wonderful Christopher Kalt from “Cut N Dry Talent Radio” in Los Angeles, CA for nominating me and for all of my amazing friends and fans for voting for me during the whole process,” added Barbera. “It is because of my fans and Christopher Kalt, I made the top 5 and that I got to be a part of this life changing event.”

LR- Have you ever felt inspired by a music star or any special song?

“Yes. There are so many music artists and songs from today and in the past that I have been inspired by over the years! My all-time favorite artist is Prince. Although his music is very different from the direction I am taking my music, he has been a real inspiration to me because of his amazing creativity and the fact that he stays true to himself and his art,” said Barbera.

“Some of my other musical influences over the years have been Celine Dion, Barbra Streisand, Tori Amos, Bjork, Michael Jackson, Josh Groban, Rich Mullins, and Whitney Houston, among others.”

LR- What are your favorite places and things to do when you are not working?

“I LOVE going to Hollywood Beach with my love TC and working out together on the beach boardwalk. I always roller blade and he rides his bike and we have so much fun together– we go to the beach at least twice a month,” said Barbera.

LR- It is true that you also have passion for fashion and shopping?

“Yes, my other LOVE is Thrift/Vintage/Consignment store shopping. It is a real passion of mine. I just love the treasure hunt and finding amazing brand name clothes and unique household items at very inexpensive prices,” added Barbera smiling. “One of my dreams is to have my own Thrift/Vintage/Consignment store shopping reality show.”

LR- Could you define yourself with just 3 words?

“Loving, childlike and joyful,” added Amy.

LR- Tell us a little more about your new album to be released this year, “Paint Me a Rainbow.”

“My new “Paint Me a Rainbow” will be a collection of timeless and heartfelt compositions weaved together with colorful artistry for all age groups to enjoy. The songs on “Paint Me A Rainbow” will be a mash-up of different musical styles including adult contemporary, pop, dance, easy listening, inspirational and new age. It will include upbeat and fun dance songs such as “Walking on the Stars,” “Pour on Me Rain,” and my title track “Paint Me A Rainbow,” as well as beautiful angelic ballads such as “Flying High” and “Your Heartbeat Brings Me Home.” I am planning on releasing “Paint Me a Rainbow” in late 2014 or early 2015,” said Barbera.

Amy Barbera was born in Hagerstown, Maryland and she currently resides in Fort Laudardale in Florida.