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Funny and Refreshing Comedy ‘My Wife is the Plumber’ Comes to Miami!‏

Comedy 'My Wife is the Plumber' comes to Miami!‏
Photo by Zoraida Fonseca
Funny and refreshing comedy “My Wife is the Plumber” comes to “Teatro de Bellas Artes” located at 2500 SW 8th St in Miami, from September 5th to 7th, 2014.
In this play the audience will not lose even one second passing of the crazy plot in an apartment in downtown Miami, where a widower is reunited after many setbacks, with the deceased loved one.

Is precisely the coming and going and in and out of the scene, which has and maintains attentive viewers, which according to the sitcom genre, commissioning allows actors to deployment so overwhelming intensity and movements (constant physical actions), without their prior preparation, would find it impossible to perform them successfully. 

Photo: Zoraida Fonseca.

This play written by Argentine Hugo Marcos is about Cobi, a man who lost his wife a year ago in an accident, tries to rebuild his life and can not overcome the trauma. It will not be easy to Cobi, since the first stone is called Lucy, a friend of Jaime dawn in the “living room” of his home requesting accommodation. Tania, the girl you’re interested in today, comes with a proposal towards definitely seduce him.

His overprotective mother, also needs attention and look for any excuse to give her child visitations. A building manager, some rabble like no other intrusive intrudes all the time especially for falling in love with one of the people that this “visiting” in that apartment. As if this were not enough, Daniela, her ex? woman reincarnated as one of the visitors to the apartment, and now want to recall his past life. That’s when Dana comes real wife of one of these characters, to give the news of her pregnancy after 5 years of searching. Of course, this person is somewhat changed.

Cobi’s house becomes the people’s house. Inputs and outputs permanent characterize this comedy of errors with a slip of fantasy called reincarnation, or should we say a slip of reality? Thereafter, the most hilarious entanglements of this comedy, with hints of absurd and grotesque inserted the viewer in an hour and a half of absolute distraction happen.

This co-production between Hispanic Acting Society (SAH) and the TEATRO DE BELLAS ARTES, the play is well directed by actor and Director Miguel Sahid, who create and accomplish this award nominated master piece, composed by veteran Cuban actors of considerable importance in the genre: Ana Lydia Méndez (Mom) and Jorge Ovies (Yossi) who accompany the young talents: Luis Fernando Arcila (Cobi), Angie Russian (Tania), Diana Laura (Lucy), Mariel Pini (Dana) and the own special presentation of Miguel Sahid (with the two characters: Daniel and Daniela).

This funny and crazy comedy will refresh the Miami’s Theater scene from September 5th to 7th, Friday and Saturday at 8:30 pm and Sunday at 3:00 pm. Tickets on sale at www.brownpapertickets.com or by calling 786.339.4577 or305.873.4552